1. If you are watching some video on Vimeo and you want to download it, you will not be able to do it. Most of these sites will not have an option for video downloading so you will miss out on most of the videos that you like. But if you use a MP3 Downloader Software you will be able to Download Vimeo Videos. These Vimeo to Mp3 Converter are very easy to use and will be available for free.
  2. It provides complete instructions to download the videos and it is simple to use software. It also provides download links for some of the Vimeo videos. Other Download Vimeo Video Software for Different Platforms. Download Vimeo Video software is available in plenty for different versions of Windows and Mac.
  3. Sep 11, 2020 Next, we are going to present how to download Vimeo videos on Mac: Download and then install VideoDuke on the Mac. After installing VideoDulke on the Mac OS X, launch it and choose “Vimeo” from the app’s main window. Now you can start surfing Vimeo directly in the VideoDuke interface, as well as to search for the videos you wish to download.
  4. Mar 15, 2018.
  1. Can You Download From Vimeo

This free vimeo downloader for Mac is helpful to the users if they want to download vimeo videos straightforwardly and without delay. IOrgsoft’s Free Vimeo Downloader for Mac helps in saving any Vimeo video or HD Vimeo video freely on Mac version between 10.4-10.7.

Vimeois an amazing video-sharing website which serves as a platform for users to share, upload and watch videos. In fact it was the first video sharing website which introduced high definition videos. But as every technological tabloid comes with certain cons, the site too has got one, as there is no feature to enable video downloading. It must be very frustrating when you go past a video and find no feature to download the video that very instant. And that is why we are here to show you few interesting ways to help you download Vimeo videos on Windows 10 or Mac OS X.

So without wasting your time, go through the ways and apply it yourself to download at least one video from vimeo .

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Way #1: Download Videos from Vimeo using KeepVid Online Tool

KeepVid is a free online video downloader tool which can grab any video from video sharing websites. It is very simple to use and the videos are downloaded in an instant as the tool is supported by very powerful server. The directives to use the tool are given in simple steps as follows:

Can You Download From Vimeo

Code blocks download mac. Step 1. Select your video that you wish to download from Vimeo website.

Step 2. Copy the video URL as it is going to be used further ahead

Step 3. Now; go to the official website of the KeepVid. In order to do it, click on the link

Step 4. Paste the copied link in the bar which appears at the top of the page. Then click on “Download” button at the right corner of the bar. Now you have to wait for few moments and then you will be prompted to select a particular format, for instance, FLV (Flash), WebM, MP4 format and the quality of the video, like 720P, HD, etc.

Step 5. Choose a location where your video will be saved in your computer.

It is a very effective online tool to download your videos from Vimeo, but if you wish to explore something more then try out the next method which described another interesting tool to ease your trouble. If you like the Vimeo video, you can also record its videos on Windows easily.

Way #2: Download Videos from Vimeo using Video Grabber

Video Grabber is another free video downloader tool which avails you the platform to smoothly and efficiently download specifically the Vimeo videos. It is as equally effective as the previous tool because of its high strength server speed which allows faster download of the videos. In order to know the details of the downloading process, go through the steps explained below;

Step 1. Go to the Vimeo website, and select any of your HD video which you are intending to download.

Step 2. Copy the video link from the browser address bar and save it for further use on a clipboard.

Step 3. Visit the website Video Grabber, or click on the following link to go there directly.

Step 4. On the main page locate firstly the bar which is described as “Paste the video link here” and paste the copied URL in the empty bar.

Step 5. Click on “Download” option at the right corner of the bar.

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Step 6. When you are prompted to select the format and quality of the video, select wisely as per your need. Don’t choose any format and quality which are not compatible with the system in which they are going to be stored.

You might have to wait for a while depending upon the size of the video and network speed but once it is done you are all set to have fun.


If you are completely new to the world of video sharing, then you ought to find it very exasperating when you so desperately wish to watch a video offline but unable to find a way to capture it for permanent usage. Though there are various forums and platforms where the guideline for downloading videos from video sharing websites like Vimeo are explained in great length with great elaboration, but unfortunately none of those methods work in real as promised. Thus if you wish to download videos from Vimeo with 100% efficiency, follow the ways and free online video downloader tools which are described above in the article.

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How to download Vimeo videos? The Vimeo video downloader allows you to easily download your favorite videos from Vimeo, the well-known platform designed for creative people who want to upload, watch, and share them online.

Now you can quickly save your favorite videos from Vimeo in high quality, HD, or SD for free and watch them offline wherever you want, even on an airplane or any place with no or unstable internet connection. You can save the video on your pc, your iPhone, or Android device.

Download Vimeo videos via “SaveFrom.net Helper” browser extension.

Can I download a video from the Vimeo page? Yes! Videos can be easily downloaded directly from the Vimeo page just using the “SaveFrom.net Helper” extension for chrome and other desktop browsers.

The extension will add a “download” button below the video on the Vimeo page. You can also download private Vimeo videos if you have access to the page thanks to this simple Vimeo downloader.

For Android users, we developed an application that you will find it here.

Install SaveFrom.net Helper Install

How to download Vimeo videos with the SaveFrom.net Helper extension?

Follow these four easy steps to get the video:

  1. Install the “SaveFrom.Net Helper” browser extension from here.
  2. Open the Vimeo page with the video you want to save.
  3. Click the “Download” button located below the video.
  4. Select the desired quality options and format to run the video download.
  5. Wait until the download is completed and the video is successfully saved onto your device.

Note: You can also use the thumbnail of the video, moving the mouse over it. You will see a green arrow on the top-left edge. Just select the format, like MP4, WebM, AVI, 3GP, or others, and save your video.

How do I download a video from Vimeo via SaveFrom.net website?

Download the Vimeo link following these three simple steps to save your favorite video to your device via the SaveFrom.net website.

SaveFrom.net App for Android

For Android users, we developed a brilliant application that works great on Android mobile phones and tablets. The application is called SaveFrom.net

  • Download Your Videos. High-quality. With one tap.
  • Watch videos offline. Never get bored.
  • Use a media gallery to collect music & videos.
  • Manage your files. Get rid of the mess.
  • Listen to the music. Favorite tracks on the go.

💻 How to download a video from Vimeo to a computer?

Vimeo Downloader allows you to easily download Vimeo videos and save them on your computer. You can add the browser extension to download the video directly from the Vimeo page or copy and paste the link in the Savefrom.net website.

Download From Vimeo Mac Free

🎥 How many videos I can download from Vimeo?

You can download as many Vimeo videos as you want. The Online Vimeo downloader does not apply any limits per hour or day of use.

❗ Do you track what I download from Vimeo?

Absolutely not. SaveFrom does not track any link you paste onto the field. We respect every user’s privacy, this is one of the reasons we do not use registration. We just want to offer the Vimeo video downloader we developed for free use.

💻 How to download videos from Vimeo to my Mac?

  1. Copy the video's link from the browser’s address bar, Command + C (Mac);
  2. Paste it in the form onto the field on SaveFrom.net website;
  3. Сhoose the desired quality;
  4. Click the ‘Download’ button;
  5. The file is on your Mac.

📱 Can I use the Vimeo downloader from a mobile device?

Yes! For Android users who want to save the video to their phones we developed a mobile application that can be used for fast video download. All you need is in one place, no more switching between different applications.

🎬 Which format do you recommend for downloading?

If you don’t have a specific need we highly recommend saving your Vimeo video in mp4 format. MP4 is the most popular format in the world. It combines high quality and compression, to provide an excellent output in a small size file. Moreover it does not require licensed codes that you have to pay for. As an alternative the more recent WebM format is a good fastly growing option.

🌐 Which browser works with this Vimeo video downloader?

Vimeo video downloader is supported by the most common browsers, as Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, Opera, Safari.

📱 Can I use the downloader from a mobile device?

Yes! We have an APP for Android users who want to save the video to their phones. We created a mobile application that can be used for fast video downloading. All you need is in one place, no more switching between different applications. You can get it HERE.

❓ Is the Vimeo video downloader free?

The Vimeo downloader is totally free for all users and can be enjoyed to download the videos from Vimeo without limitation.

💾 Where is the video saved?

By default, the video will be saved in the “Download” folder, where each browser saves any file you need to save to your device. In case you can't find the file, go to your browser’s download history and look where the file is saved.