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  • Apr 13, 2020.

I’ve mentioned The Garage a number of times here on Next and Jay Greene also wrote a story recently about some Garage projects recently for CNET.

Mouse without Borders. Mouse without Borders comes from the Microsoft Garage. This is a division of Microsoft that allows employees to create and work on projects that are not related to their official jobs. Mouse without Borders was created by Truong Do, is completely free, and is able to control up to four computers from one mouse and keyboard. Jan 17, 2018. Mouse Without Borders was designed for people who use many computers in the same room. For example, a laptop or tablet that you take to meetings might sit right alongside the desktop PC in your.

Today it gives me great pleasure to announce a free download resulting from a Garage project. To recap quickly, The Garage is both a physical space in Building 4 at our Redmond HQ, and a company wide program that encourages grass roots invention, tinkering, ideas and incubation of projects. In The Garage,employees get together after hours to build whatever they dream up and the results are often impressive. 99.9% of the Garage projects either ship as part of a Microsoft project or remain internal, but every once in a while there’s a project that doesn’t fit into any existing Microsoft product which will get a lot of request from employees who want to be able to share it with their friends and families. In exceptions like this, the Garage community will rally together to and publish it as a standalone public download.

That’s what’s happening today with Mouse Without Borders.

Mouse Without Borders is a project I’ve been familiar with for the last 6 months or so and it’s a wonderfully useful tool. In a nutshell, it allows you to reach across your PC’s as if they were part of one single desktop. I have two PCs on my desk at work connected to 3 LCD screens and using Mouse Without Borders I can move my mouse between the 3 screens, even though one of them is attached to a different PC from the other two. What’s more, I can move files between the 2 computers simply by dragging them from one desktop to another. In fact you can control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard with no extra hardware needed – it’s all software magic, developed by Truong Do who by day is a developed for Microsoft Dynamics. The software is easy to setup and in addition to enabling drag and drop of files, you can lock or log in to all PCs from one PC, and as a whimsical bonus is it allows you to customize your Windows logo screen with the daily image from Bing or a local collection of pictures. I regularly use it to have one PC dedicated to social media streams while I work away on my other PC connected to two screens.

The video above both explains and shows Mouse Without Borders far better than I can using words. The project is testament to the power of The Garage which helped Truong develop the user interface and setup the usability tests that have helped the tool become very accessible and easy to use. As well as that, The Garage and its regular Science Fairs inside Microsoft helped expose the project to 9,000 people before it was ready for external release. Now that day has arrived and I’m delighted to announce here on Next at Microsoft that Mouse Without Borders is ready for download.

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Method To Use Mouse Without Borders In Windows Pc

Control multiple pc using Mouse without borders app

Do you know about “Mouse without borders app” and it’s working? If yes then this guide is for you. Just read the complete post and learn each and everything about “Microsoft mouse without borders app to control multiple pc at the same time”.

Probably you may know that Mouse without borders is a Microsoft official productivity tool. So you can imagine how much powerful tool is that. Basically it’s a multiple windows pc control app which allows user to control up to 4 computers at the same time with single mouse and keyboard.

In short, by using this amazing Mouse without borders tool you can copy, paste, drag and drop text files across the different computers.

If you are advance user and want to work efficiently like a pro, this Microsoft tool Mouse without borders is for you. Working with this app is very cool and convenient.

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Mouse W/O Borders – Link Your Mouse and Keyboard to multiple PCs

Here in this article we will show you complete step by step instructions to install and setup Mouse without borders app on your windows 10/7/8. After reading this tutorial, no need to go anywhere to learn it’s installation and working. This guide will teach you each and everything with all necessary screenshots.

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Before going to jump into installation of Mouse w/o borders app, read the below points one by one and then go for next.

  1. Check the system requirements for Mouse without borders app
  2. Download and run the Mouse without borders installer on each of your computer.
  3. Set up the tool on each computer

Mouse Without Borders Mac Download Windows 10

Watch Video To Learn Mouse Without Border Setup Installation

How To Use Mouse Without Borders In Windows Pc

  1. Check the system requirements for Mouse without borders app

This is our first step before installing and setup the Microsoft Mouse without borders tool on pc. If your pc is not compatible then you can’t run Mouse without borders app on your computer and everything is waste for you. So check the system requirements for Mouse without borders first.

Official Microsoft Mouse without borders app is a windows OS supporting tool including latest windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows server 2003, windows server 2008, windows server 2012 and windows server 2016 etc.

Supporting Windows Os

  • windows 10
  • windows 8
  • windows 7
  • windows server 2003
  • windows server 2008
  • windows server 2012
  • and windows server 2016
  • etc

If you have Mac OS then you can’t run Mouse without borders on Mac OS because of system compatibility.

So if you are using any windows OS based machine, you are free to run and setup this tool.


  1. Download and run the Mouse without borders installer on each of your computer.

  • If your system is compatible with this tool then download Mouse without borders installer file on each computer. [ File Name : MouseWithoutBordersSetup ]


  • Now double click on downloaded installer file [MouseWithoutBordersSetup.msi] and install it on each computer one by one.
  • At the time of installation, follow the on-screen instructions one by one and install Mouse Without Borders Setup properly.
  • End of the installation, you will see the below screen that means you have installed Mouse without Border Setup on your pc. Finally hit on finish button to complete the setup.

Please Note: Install this setup file on each computer.

  • Done!!! Tools installation is completed and you can go for next to setup the mouse without border app.
  1. Set up the tool on each computer [ Configuration ]

Before going to jump into setup process, it’s must to know that all the computers should be connected with same network. Otherwise, it will not work for you.

Follow the below steps to start setup of Mouse without borders app on windows pc.

  • First off all, select the pc which you used frequently. On this first pc, click on “NO” option.
  • After applying the first step, you will see the below screen on your pc, keep it open. This window will show you the name of first pc with security code. This code is must to setup the app.
  • Now come to your second pc and click on “YES” option.
  • In next window, enter the PC name and security code of first pc and then hit on “LINK” option.
  • Wait for couple of seconds and you will see the below window as shown in screenshot. Now linking process will start and it will take few minutes which will depend on your connected network.

IMPORTANT: If the linking process is taking long time and showing failed to connect then check your connection and make sure all computers are connected with each other on same network. Moreover, Mouse w/o borders app ideally works good on wired network.

Till now getting issue in connection, check first pc name and security code again.

  • If everything is OK, you will see the below window with next option on your pc. Hit on “NEXT” button to continue the next step.
  • A new pop-up window will appear again. Now you have to configure the Mouse without borders Microsoft app on first pc.
  • Machine Setup tab : In machine setup tab, simply drag and drop computer thumbnails below to match the physical layout of your own computers.

Remember, “Local Machine” thumbnail is your first pc.

  • Check Two Row if your computers are not placed in a row.
  • Check Show text to view the security key (security code). If you want you can generate a new security code by clicking on “new Key” button.
  • You can click on link from bottom right corner to experience the setup.
Other Options Tab : In the Other Options tab, check the box before Share Clipboard so that you can copy and paste a file between computers. You can also select the other settings you need or prefer.

Very Important : As we already told you that you can use Mouse without borders to copy, paste, drag and drop text files in between upto 4 pc but it’s must to know that you can’t copy and paste multiple files and network files at the same time. For this you can use only upto 100MB file.

Additionally, it will not work with folders. So if you want to transfer multiple files then zip them first and then transfer it as a single file.

IP Mappings Tab : In IP Mappings tab, you can link your computers by the IP address.

All done and you are ready to use Mouse without borders app on windows 10/7/8 and windows servers. Once you have proper installation with setup, you are free to control different computers at the same time with one mouse and keyboard.

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