This game offers a refreshing change to the traditional MMO genre. It uses a storytelling mechanic that isn’t commonly seen, the use of anime cutscenes to tell each character's story over time. Voiceover work for this game was also done in Korean and English, and this also helped differentiate this game from others.

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Sidescrolling MMORPG

The advantage to a party is that your character ends up using less stamina per person, so the amount of dungeons someone can play in a day drastically increases.

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Elsword Online Download For Mac Windows 10

Elsword is an action based MMO that has anime style artwork. This game allows users to play as one of thirteen characters, and each character has one of three classes. Elsword also employs a crafting system and stamina recovery, which helps differentiate it from other MMOs. There are also both PVP and PVE modes, and PVP modes do not require stamina.

Elsword free download

This game allows users to follow a simple system for dungeoneering. Your character goes to a dungeon, kills everything, defeat the end world boss, and collect all the loot. You then go to the city hall and begin crafting equipment, and you take your slightly better-equipped character to a new dungeon. Players can either solo a dungeon or form a party and go take on the dungeon.

Elsword also employs a combat system that allows users to combine light and heavy attacks to form a variety of combos. These combos can be practiced in a training area, because for some of them, timing is very important, and they can be combined with skills to form powerful attacks. There are a couple of drawbacks besides the stamina system. One example of this is that bosses don't drop wearable items, the drop crafting material and you make your loot which is kind of annoying. Tableau 10.4 download mac.

Where can you run this program?

Elsword Online Download For Mac Download

This program is available on computers that have a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

Grand Chase and Maple Story 2 are both good alternatives to this title. There both MMORPGs that employ anime artwork, but they aren’t side scrolling RPGs, the gameplay is open world.

Our take

Elsword did a lot to help change the genre. Sidescrolling gave dungeons a different feel, as did the addition of combos to the combat system. Also, there is a wide level of character customization in this game.

Should you download it?

Yes, this is a very made product, and although the art looks a little dated, this may have been intentional to allow Elsword to even run well on lower performing rigs.

Elsword Season 2 Free Download