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What can you expect from a game called Dream Daddy? An instruction how to take care about a child? A guide how to grow a loving father from your husband? No and one more no. It’s a dad dating simulator! Sounds interesting, hah? The game has just been released and has already received an army of fans, including LGBT society. The goal of Dream Daddy is to raise strong relationships with seven different Daddies. The main character is a Daddy too! To be brief, a man should date other men. You must give him a name and choose the features of his appearance. And then the story begins. It starts with a familiar situation when the girl’s trying to wake her Dad, the protagonist of the game. While packing the boxes, Dad comes across the daughter’s photos when she was small. So many memories connect them with the house which they have to leave today. Dad and Amanda are heading to Maple Bay, the town where they hope to forget about the past.

New life in a new place

It occurs that Maple Bay is full of handsome men who wouldn’t mind your company. You won’t lack male attention. Those greedy hunters will find you everywhere: in the bar, on the street, next to your house. Don’t refuse them because it’s better to choose among many then to be thankful for small mercies. Art director of the game did his best to create absolutely opposing each other images of the Daddies. Well-mannered, vice, muscled, with a beer belly, odd, romantic, keen on literature – who’s gonna make the best impression on you and earn your trust? Craig, Mat, Brian, Robert, Damien, Hugo or Joseph? To know for sure, you should date them all. In addition, Amanda will always encourage you to! Listen to her advice. In fact, what can be better than a support from your own kid? The Daddies will try to make friends with your girl and some of the efforts will be successful. You’ll be able to find your admirers’ profiles in the Dad Book, a social network. Read about their hobbies, childish dreams, favorite movie genres and other curious stuff. Chatting will help to communicate but, of course, to talk in person is always more effective. The main character can go on three dates with every super Dad. The relationship of the two can have a positive or a negative outcome. Sometimes you’ll stay friends, which seems to be a nice option as well. And only one guy will deserve your love. Can you guess who he is? Turn on our fortune teller skills!

Character interaction

Download dream daddy mac free game

During the whole game you are to read dialogues between the characters, see the plot unfold and finally coming to the end. Each of the Daddies was voiced by the Game Grumps and famous youtubers. Actually, the men don’t talk at all, only producing the sounds of laughter, shock and approval. So count on your reading speed. Sometimes you’ll be given a number of possible answers: think twice before making your choice. When you’ll see hearts, flying out of the Daddy, probably, your response encouraged him. For example, when you meet Robert and compliment on his leather jacket, he’ll appreciate this. Or if you order black coffee in Mat’s bar, the guy will be glad that you pick up his favorite drink.

Download Dream Daddy Mac Free Download

To sum up, Dream Daddy will give you tons of positive emotions! If you’re fond of reading, this virtual novel allows you to change the rhythm of events in the story. What’s more, this thought-provoking simulator raises the question ‘What is a perfect family?’. The notion of what’s right and what’s wrong is blurred in our modern world. That’s why nobody can tell for sure what’s better for Amanda: to live in a non-nuclear family or get used to a new Dad and let her father feel happy again. Though it’s only a funny game, behind every joke there’s some truth!