AssaultCube was rates 4.1 star and was released by Rabid Viper Productions. The version is patch with the storage of 51.8 MB. The game free to use so it has 445,684 downloads. Updated on 17/02/2019.Requirement to download: Mac OS X 10.5

Assault cube 2

Jul 21, 2020.


Although with only 40MB capacity, but AssaultCube can still satisfy the passion of FPS fans (first-person shooter) right from the first look thanks to detailed designed graphics and very majestic sound. There are a total of 22 maps for players to choose from. Although the name is diverse, most of them are built around dilapidated houses, there are only different things such as snow, desert sand … By default, maps in AssaultCube are quite dark so you need Adjust brightness to make it easier to see.

Assault Cube Mods

Single player part (Single) in AssaultCube for mac includes 4 modes:

Team Deathmatch: Team battle with machine

I don't know HOW php was installed, as it was included with the OS, so I don't know whether I should install from source or download binaries. Php 7.2 download mac I also don't know the proper way to uninstall the previous version without breaking dependencies.I am running on Leopard. I have a feeling Apple doesn't want you to upgrade.

Deathmatch: Single match (see what shot)

Download toad for mac os. “One shot one kill”: Single gun battle. This is a good feature of AssaultCube when you are only catered with one sniper rifle and … one last drop of blood.

Empty map: This is the mode for you to get used to the map, there will not be any other people

In addition, you can customize the difficulty level of the game screen (there are total of 5 levels) and the maximum number of players is 32 for each level. The number of guns in AssaultCube is quite small, including 2 submachine guns, 1 shotgun and 1 shotgun with pistols and knives, but with a mini game, we cannot ask for more. While playing, you can also pick up other support items such as ambulance boxes, guns or grenades. One point you need to keep in mind is that the guns in the game have a very high recoil so the “headshot” (shooting in the head) will be relatively difficult. Besides, AssaultCube also supports game mode via LAN or on the server of the game,the gunners have the opportunity to race together. Control in AssaultCube is not much different from other games of the same genre. However, there are 2 jump keys, Space and Ctrl key left. The Shift key will be used to sit, the Alt key to see the big map and the B key will let the player choose the gun. If you are “disconnected” with FPS games “big size”, AssaultCube will be a reasonable choice for you.

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