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Download Chrome Offline Installer for Your Windows PC and Mac Book. Install the Google Chrome Browser Directly without any complete package.

Chrome Offline Installer

Official links to free download & install Google Chrome for PC full version are given below. Get Google Chrome free for your specific platform and stay up to date. Google Chrome Standalone installer for Windows 32-bit (Size: 57 MB) – Download Google Chrome direct download for Windows 64-bit (Size: 58 MB) – Download Download Chrome offline installer for Mac OS (Size: 80 MB) – Download. Aug 10, 2020. Download Chrome for Mac. For Mac OS X 10.10 or later. This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9 are no longer supported. Accept and Install. Kabar baiknya, Chrome masih menyediakan installer offline (standalone). Kamu pun tetap bisa mengunduh varian tersebut dari lama resmi Google Chrome kemudian menginstalnya tanpa koneksi internet. Berikut ini adalah panduan cara download Google Chrome offline installer versi terbaru untuk sistem operasi Windows, Mac, dan Linux.

Web Browsers are the most powerful utility tool on any device. They help in accessing the data from the World Wide Web. The Web Browsers are different from the search engine though both help in collecting the data, a Search Engine needs a Web Engine for its working. The tool retrieves the images, text and graphics from the URL. The engine also helps in playing the videos and other media on the mobile.

There are a number of Browsers for Computer PC and Mac for various different versions of the system. Few Softwares are online installers which mean you need an active data connection to download the necessary files while they are simultaneously installing on your computer. While few other installations let you download the complete file package which you can install without any internet connection. Most of the software comes in both form where you can install them online and offline

Decisively the Chrome Browser by Google is the most popular and powerful Web Utility tool for Windows, Mac and Android. With over a 1.5 Billion downloads worldwide the Web tool holds the largest market share in the browsing segment. Google regularly updates the Brow’s with the latest security features to keep the user data and privacy safe from invaders. The App is curated with a high level of atomic data which is capable of blocking dangerous sites. The Browser has a very clean design and supports almost all video formats and media files. The App uses Google’s own solid Blink Engine which also powers other hot Internet Portals.

The developer also discontinued support for the previous versions. It also means that the program will be able to check that everything went well with the installation. It has been used by many people over time and has most likely been used by anyone who does IOS work even in professional settings.It does have a few limitations as it only is able to be used on Windows 7-10. Download rufus 2.4 mac. Bugs, Limitations, and supportRufus is quite safe for usage and does not carry any bugs in the system. Another downside is that it can only install one sequence on a USB.

Features of Google Chrome

  • Inbuild Intrusive Adblocking
  • Quick Loading and fast processing
  • Built-in Google Translate
  • Safe Browsing and data protection
  • Synchronisation across all the Chrome
  • Offline Web View and Download Manager
  • Data Saver and Incognito Mode

How to Install Google Chrome in Offline Mode?

Here are simple steps to download and Install Chrome Offline on your Windows PC and Mac.

1. Go to Official Site of Google Chrome.

2. Click on the Download Button.

Do not worry about the version and other technical specifications. The website will automatically detect the system and its requirements to give you the correct version. Just hit the download button.

3. After the download, just install the software on your PC with few clicks.

Download Chrome Installer Standalone Mac

Chrome Standalone Installer 64 Bit

Note – If you want to download the file which you to install on a different computer, then you can download the following according to your system.

After the file is installed you can update the Chrome.

How to Update Chrome to Latest Version?

Download Chrome Installer File

To update the Chrome, just open the more menu option (3 dots on right top), at the bottom you will see Help. Now Open About Chrome. If an update is available. Just download the update and relaunch the browser. Once done you get the latest version of the Chrome on your PC.

Download Chrome Installer Standalone Mac Os

Conclusion: With the steps above you can install Chrome on your Windows and Mac with offline installation feature.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support.