Slender does well in creating quite a creepy atmosphere for a very basic game. It feels like just you, your torch and the sound of crickets chirping as you fumble your way through the forest looking for manuscripts. However, the overall aim of collecting 8 pages of the manuscript is quite limited and so the gameplay is a bit limited. Nov 23, 2019. Mac os 10.7 free upgrade. 🎮 Ever wanted to play as slender man? Ever wanted to kill the player? WELL NOW YOU CAN! The game starts off showing the perspective of Kate, but once she picks up a page, get ready to stalk. Slender: The Eight Pages SIMULATOR by CL3NRc2 @CL3NRc2. Overview; Comments 13 Followers 24 Free. Slender: The Eight Pages. Don't Forget To Leave A Like,Comment And Subscribe! Slenderv097:WinRar 32 Bit:

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But as you are looking for them, you are being stalked by an entity that grows more persistent and relentless as each page is collected, an entity that you cannot even look at for long, let alone fight. Your only hope is to collect all 8 pages before it catches you..

What's New:

  • Added a subtitle to the game ('The Eight Pages') to differentiate it from future versions.
  • Improved main menu and added music to it. Also now includes links to Slender Man info and YouTube series.
  • Added different light sources (unlocked after beating the game once).
  • Added shadows (not especially noticeable except in lit areas).
  • Your jogging speed now increases gradually as more pages are collected.
  • Removed the cool down for stamina recovery after jogging/sprinting, and reduced the stamina drain rate. When you start jogging/sprinting, however, it immediately deducts 5% of your stamina. This will allow you to jog or sprint for a much longer period of time, but makes repeated taps of the jog/sprint button cause your stamina to drain very quickly (effectively getting rid of a former exploit).
  • The maximum distance you can see decreases as you collect more pages; this is to keep the challenge similar for people who have fog turned off. For the same reason, Distance Shade can no longer be turned off.
  • Added a menu option to automatically skip the intro.
  • Added a pause feature, but you can only pause if there's no static (which prevents you from pausing the game in response to seeing the Slender Man).
  • Fixed a bug where the flashlight would try to illuminate a page on there side of a wall.
  • Removed one of the hidden modes (it was only a matter of time, since it contained copyrighted material).

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Slender: The Eight Pages is an exciting horror game that lets you learn more about the mysterious origins of the character known only as Slender Man. Slender Man is a fictional character that exists online. Its origins date back to a photo editing contest that appeared on a popular website. Users took turns posting pictures of images they edited to include a tall, thin creature standing in the background. Some people claim that Slender Man is a supernatural being that snatches up children. This game is one of the creepiest and most unsettling games you may ever play.

The game sends you out into a dark world with just a flashlight for protection. Some portions of the game are bright enough that you can get around without your flashlight. Turning it off lets you save the battery for later, and when you leave it on, you risk the battery dying before you accomplish your goals. Slender Man himself will often turn up and attempt to stop your progress. When you spend time near that character, your sanity bar will drop. If you spend too much time with him, you'll eventually go insane, which will stop the game.

Slender: The Eight Pages asks you to find eight pages hidden in the woods that tell you about Slender Man. You use just a handful of buttons on your keyboard to move through the woods, pick up pages, run or sprint, zoom in or out and turn your flashlight on and off. Between the unsettling music and the dark scenes, this is one of the creepiest and scariest games that you'll ever play.

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The download comes with several files zipped together, which means that you'll need software to unzip those files before you can play. You'll also need to update the game with official software updates to take care of glitches and to play the full game. Recent updates now let you pause the game, run for a longer period of time without running out of energy and find new methods of lighting your path.

Slender: The Eight Pages has just a few complaints from users. Some dislike the repetitive nature of the game, and others complained that they couldn't find all the pages. Some also found that the game is just too hard. If you love the story of Slender Man and like games that will leave you on the edge of your seat, you can't beat this one.

Slender Man The 8 Pages


  • Brings a new level of excitement to the Slender Man mythology
  • Allows switching between playing in full screen or a window
  • Is easy to play
  • Is a scary and creepy horror game

Slender The 8 Pages Download Mac



Slender 8 Pages Demo

  • Repetitive feel of the game can be boring
  • Flashlight battery sometimes dies too quickly
  • Less experienced players may have a hard time finding all eight pages to complete the game
  • Requires a program to unzip all necessary files