To download Facebook video in mp4 or mp3 without leaving the website, you have to install 'SaveFrom.Net Helper!'. It is a free browser extension that helps you to save preferred videos without the need to leave the website.

Jun 24, 2020.

This browser extension adds additional functionality the same as the downloading Facebook video in HD buttons, which is meant to help you download videos from FB while you watch them.

Install Helper by clicking here: Install

How to download video from Facebook?

You can download a Facebook video to your computer online while it is running. Just make sure the browser extension 'SaveFrom.Net Helper!' is installed.

When you are watching a video and you want to save it, you need to move the mouse above it, and a green button will appear. When you see it, click on the arrow, and wait. In 2 seconds the extension will search for available formats and quality options from which you will choose from.

The same method works when you are scrolling down the wall.

Install Helper by clicking here: Install

Download Facebook video online directly via the website.

To download Facebook video to a computer via SaveFrom.Net website, you have to follow three easy steps:

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🎥 How to download private Facebook videos?

If you need to make a Facebook video download of private video, you need to install SaveFrom.Net Helper browser extension. Usually, if you can see someone’s private video, then, only you can download it.

So, via the website, you cannot do it, because of the privacy settings that restrict access from outside. Using Helper, you can download private videos right from the Facebook page you are in.

Autodesk 123d design mac download. Remember, you should respect the copyrights of the Facebook video you want to download on pc, if you download someone’s video that is protected by the law, you are the only one responsible for that action. Think twice before doing it!

💾 Where is the downloaded video saved?

The default path is the 'Download' folder of your operating system. Mac OS, Windows, and Linux always save files in the default folder. Popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browser, always use default download folder, if you did not change it in the browser’s settings.

💻 How to download Facebook video to a computer?

Download Facebook Live Video Mac

You can save Facebook video on pc easily, just choose one of the two methods you can see above the FAQ section.

📥 Can I download live streaming videos from Facebook?

If the live video streaming is not finished, you cannot download it. You need to wait until the live streaming stops and is stored on Facebook. Only when it is saved, it will be available for downloading.

📺 Why the video is playing instead of saving to the computer?

Usually, it happens infrequently. If you try to download a Facebook video and it opens in a new tab and starts playing, do not worry. Just right click and choose the 'Save As' option from the contextual menu. The downloading process will start at once.

❗ Do you store / copy / keep the downloaded video from Facebook?

No! We do not save or store any video you have downloaded, all are stored only on Facebook servers. We offer a function for searching and give you all available direct URLs to these videos, which are stored on there. By accessing these links, you download the video directly from Facebook servers.

🛡 Do you track the links I use through your site to download videos?

No! We do not track any links you paste into the input field and we respect our user's privacy.

❓ Is the Facebook video downloader free?

Yes! You can use our FB video downloader online for free, for an unlimited amount of time. We do not charge anything or ask for donations. Our Facebook video downloader app is a great web-based application which is easy to use and so accessible.

Download Video From Facebook

🎬 Which video quality is supported by Fb video downloader?

Most of the videos are in MP4 format and as SD, HD, FullHD, 2K, 4K. The quality depends on the uploaded source of the file. If the author uploaded it in 1080p, you would be able to save Facebook video in the same quality.

How To Download Facebook Live Video

🌐 Which browser works with this FB video downloader?

Download Live Facebook Video Mac Download


Our FB downloader is working with: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all Chromium based browsers.

📱 Does this browser extension work on mobile phones or tablets?

Our Facebook video downloader extension is working only with desktop browsers. In case you need to download Facebook video on Android mobile phone or tablet, you need to use our website via phone browser, or download the video via the Android app.