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  • Infocat 3.0 v.alphaInfocat 3.0 is a PHP/MySQL/XHTML/Flash News Display. Integrated with the Open Source Joomla! CMS system, Infocat 3.0 will allow users to log in and save announcements, and a seperate display page will load and display the announcements using Flash ..
  • OpenMP 3.0 C translator w PThreads rt v.1.3.09Xomp is a src-to-src translator for most of 3.0. A simple platform for experimentation and optimization of OpenMP implementations and extensions. Has been tested with C programs but does not parse C. Should be easily adaptable for other ..
  • KinetDS for Mac OS X 3.0 Rev v.2010KinetDS is a software for curve fitting particularly designed for kinetic (mechanistic and empirical) description of a substance dissolution from solid state. It was primarily designed for handling pharmaceutical dissolution tests ..
  • Ejabberd for Mac OS X 3.0.0 Alpha v.1his first alpha includes three major changes compared to ejabberd 2.1.5: exmpp library is used, gen_storage for a database abstraction layer, and Massive Hosting which isn't yet usable. Many tables have changed both in Mnesia and MySQL/PgSQL/ODBC.
  • C/C++ Calendar 3.0 v.1.0It is a simple Calendar App developed using C and C++ to do almost all the functions that a calendar is used for.The App has been coded by a object oriented way which can easily tweaked. It is available both as a x86 and a x64 application. The ..
  • Spring ActionScript v.1.0ActionScript3.0 application framework for Flex/AIR/Flash development. Includes an Inversion of Control container, utility classes for configuring Cairngorm and PureMVC applications, and MVCS framework ..
  • BNMAPI v.311A proven and powerful open source framework for rapid application development in Adobe Flash 9 and AIR using ActionScript3.0.
  • Aspire UI Components Standard Edition v.1.3.5Aspire UI Components ActionScript3.
  • MongoDB Pagination 0.3 - PHP v.0.4PHP MongoDB Pagination is the pagination plugin for MongoDB released under MIT License. Simple to install & use. It has been developed under TechMVC 3.0.4, but it's compatible with any 3rd party framework e.g. Zend(tested).

Actionscript 3 0 mac software, free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Mac Actionscript 3 0 Shareware and Freeware. Brother scan utility download. May 23, 2020. Actionscript-3 documentation: Getting started with ActionScript 3. Installation Overview. ActionScript 3 can be used by installing the Adobe AIR SDK or Apache Flex SDK or as part Adobe's Animate CC product (formerly known as Flash Professional). Adobe Animate CC is a professional software solution that can be used to create AS3 projects using visual tools - once installed, no further steps.


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  • ServeBox - ActionScript Foundry v.rcThe ServeBox Foundry is an ActionScript3 / Java framework designed for Flex 3 / Flex 4 applications development. For flex4 use the new version 3.0.0-beta. Its design is based on several design patterns, and includes tools built to resolve some of th ..
  • LinPlug FreeAlpha 3 v.3.0LinPlug FreeAlpha 3 3.0 is a very serviceable tool which can protect you from being tired about the many over-complex synthesizers of today.When you want to return to the roots, the beginning of all synthetic sound, the times when a Synthesizer could ..
  • ASAP ActionScript Application Framework v.0.94A Flash ActionScript 2.0 Rich Internet Application library for the development of maintainable, multi-movie, event based interactive applications. Provides practical, reusable, pattern-based solutions for common challenges in Flash applications.
  • Automated UI Tester For ActionScript v.1.0Automated UI Tester for AdobeA ..
  • Bumpslide Library v.0.9.4The Bumpslide Library is a collection of Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 classes useful in the development of Flash applications. The latest version of this library is now hosted on googlecode.
  • XMLas v.alphaXMLas is a tool for binding xml definitions to an actionscript 1.0 object structure. Data validation happens through the xml examples in the xml/ directory. It can be used for: 1. application prototyping 2. rapid application development 3. easily ..
  • Adobe AIR SDK 2 Beta 1 / v. AIR SDK 2 Beta 1 / is a helpful software which can be used on its own to HTML-based AIR applications or with the Flex SDK to develop ActionScript or Flex-based AIR applications.How to Update Flash CS4 to Use the AIR 2 Beta SDKIf you ..
  • Adobe Flex v.3.0Adobe Flex 3.0 offers users a free yet extremely useful open source framework for building highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. It provides a modern, ..
  • XML Banner Rotator 2 Slideshow & Gallery v.1FREE XML Banner Image Rotator with slide effect. It can be also used as slideshow or gallery. Works with Flash CS3 / Flash CS4 / CS5 and above / ActionScript3 / AS3 version. Key Features: Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and ..
  • Advanced Flash 3D Carousel XML v.1.0This is a XML AS3.0 3D Carousel component built using the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10.The source files (for advanced users) are available only for CS4 or CS5 and future version of flash.It supports image files (png, jpg, gif) or SWF files.This ..
  • XML Photo Gallery with Maximize & Minimi v.1.01. XML Driven Flash Image/ Picture/ Photo Gallery.2. Supports any screen size, the images will adjust based on the screen resolution.3. Scrollable thumbs.4. Unlimited number of images.5. You can play the images as a slideshow by pressing the Play ..

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Actionscript 3 0

  • DICOM Anonymizer Light DICOM Anonymizer Light is a free and simple utility to
  • Adobe Encore CS4 Adobe Encore CS4 4.0.1 is an excellent and very useful
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 ACE Exam Aid Adobe Illustrator CS3 ACE Exam Aid 3 .0.0 is a professional
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 ACE Exam Aid Adobe Photoshop CS3 ACE Exam Aid 3 .0 is a speedy and
  • Password Recovery for Corel Paradox Password Recovery by HXTT is a free toolkit for Corel
  • Adobe Flash Pro CS4 Adobe Flash Pro CS4 10.0.2 brings you an advanced authoring
  • DiskWarrior DiskWarrior is a disk repair utility. It repairs disks
  • Caller ID Caller ID 3 .0 is such a convenient and useful tool that
  • Adobe Encore CS3 The Adobe Encore CS3 3 .0.1 update provides important bug
  • Christmas Designs Christmas Designs 3 .0 brings about an interesting package

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