With Twonky from Lynx Technology, you can quickly discover your media libraries of digital videos, photos and music in your home, control them from mobile devices, and enjoy them on connected screens and speakers.

Twonky Server is the industry leading DLNA/UPnP Media Server from Lynx Technology that enables sharing media content between connected devices. Twonky Server is used worldwide and is available as a standalone server (end user installable, e.g. for PCs/Macs) or an embedded server for devices such as NAS, routers/gateways and STBs.

Twonky Server’s web UI provides optimal capability for you to easily and reliably control and play back your media files in a variety of ways, and to “beam” those media files to other connected devices.

Download and install Twonky Server today to begin enjoying your favorite digital photos, videos and songs in your home.

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Sep 08, 2020.

A Twonky Server lifetime license key can be purchased for 19,95 USD by clicking on the link below. After purchasing Twonky Server, you will receive an e-mail with your license key.

Twonky Media Server

  • Jun 28, 2013.
  • Linn Kazoo is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.Searching your stored music collection requires Kazoo to be used in conjunction with Kazoo Server, MinimServer, or Twonky media.
  • My device is an EX2 8T. I reformated the drive and lost all of the Apps How do I reinstall them and where can I download them. I’ve found and downloaded the gz files from the WD site but all of the apps are not there PLEX and Twony as examples. Also I don’t know what a gz file is and how to I load it onto the server (where) and how does it run/install?
  • 8.4; 8.4.1; 8.5; 8.5.1.

Due to the increased demand for Twonky Server, we are experiencing temporary issues with the timely issuing of license keys and Lynx Account set-up. Our technical team is aware and working diligently to address and resolve. Pls email [email protected] with issues.


Twonky Server is available for Windows PCs, Mac, and Linux. The latest version can be downloaded here.