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Welcome to Theme Park Inc.

I hate roller coasters. When faced with one I miraculously develop a weak stomach and a low-intolerance for any movement. The only time I've ever been close to one is riding the waltzers to sit next to a girl I fancied. When I finally got off the damn ride, I was shaking like a leaf and a pale as a ghost - girls, eh! So could Theme Park Inc. cure me of my fears?


Theme Park Inc. is an attempt to bring a more cohesive storyline to the previous attempt, Theme Park World. Last year's version lacked '..any real aim in building the parks. Whereas in Roller Coaster Tycoon you had to attract so many visitors or earn so much money, here you are left without a specific purpose.' If you haven't experienced the game before, it is your job to design and run a theme park, with a view to jumping into the president's seat by buying 50 per cent of the share stock of Theme Park Inc, the company that employs you.

Take a look around

To begin with you have three or four rides laid out on a nice grassy field. It is up to you to develop this land of half-assed rides into something approaching

At first you start with a set of basic rides and facilities at your disposal. A few roller coasters and simpler, more relaxed rides can be installed to entice people to your funfair. Facilities include toilets and money-making stores. As you progress, and scientists develop new technologies, you will be able to create faster, better and more stomach-churning rides. But first you have to hire scientists to work in your research department.

Meet the staff

There are also many other jobs that need to be filled, such as cleaners, guards and gardeners. Like many of the Theme games, it is a simple case of picking from a selection of staff and balancing experience with wage cost. Each worker performs an important task and it is a delicate job balancing wages and necessity. Occasionally a worker will cut up a fuss about not being appreciated and ask for a pay rise. Of course, you can always sack them and get more cost-effective, but less experienced, staff.

Staff members are also useful when it comes to completing challenges that allows you to earn golden tickets - you use these to open up special rides. One of the first challenges you will come across will be working out how to drain a lake to get more land space. You set your scientist to research how to actually perform the task and then you have to train a member of staff in the special ability required; in this case, the gardener must learn about water drainage. As you complete these challenges, new areas are opened and more golden tickets are collected.

In the Queue

As your park becomes more popular you can hike up the prices for the entrance and individual rides. The cash soon starts to flow in and then you have to get with the program and start buying up shares in the company and get the all-important 50 per cent share so you can claim the presidency. This part of the game, which is the crux of this latest Theme Park incarnation, is so deadly boring that I'd rather play without the added story part and just get on with making people merry.

Creating roller coasters which, let's face it, is the best thing about theme park management games is as easy as pie. Just dump down the main building and plot out your track, then adjust the height, camber and curve in your tracks. Theme Park Inc's roller coaster designer is easier to use than Roller Coaster Tycoon's because you can force the track to work by bending it once it is in place, rather than stick to a set of reasonable physics. However, because of that, riding your own design tends to be less satisfying because it doesn't feel real.

The graphics department hasn't really changed all that much. EA has used the same graphics engine that is used in Theme Park World. A few problems still remain, like the clipping when rides are close together where they seem to pass through each other. The developers, Bullfrog, have spruced up the interface to make it easier to use through a series of icons at the bottom of the screen, which helps over the small side-bar icons that appeared in Theme Park World. A feature that is slightly bemusing is the first-person view that allows you to walk around the park. I used it once, just to try it out, but it's a useless gimmick really. Using it to see what the rides are like is great, but why would you walk around the park all day?

Round and round we go

The sound is suitably jaunty, but completely forgettable. Help provided by the pop-up assistant starts to get a bit annoying as the game goes on. Fortunately, I decided to switch it off before I went completely insane due to it's inane and repetitive jabbering.

Theme Park Inc is another stab at the Theme Park game and really provides no major changes. It is fun to play, but not as involving and time grabbing as its long-lived rival Roller Coaster Tycoon. It seems that Bullfrog is reduced to churning out endless and pointless sequels to games that didn't originally make the grade..a sad state for one of the most exciting developers in its hey-day.

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Lizzy2020-06-210 point

I mean when I try to add it to the box it says the file is a Windows executable and DOS Box cannot run it.

Lizzy2020-06-210 point

I changed the things in the file but when I load up the game, it crashes at the main menu. What should I do?

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yesman2020-05-110 point

update: when I unlock new areas, I can't build in them. They are open and unlocked but I can't build. They appear as grayed/shaded out. Any help appreciated

yesman2020-05-110 point

been looking for this game for years and its finally here. so hyped
thank you deafmonk21 for the steps to get it to work.

rollercoasterlover2019-12-210 point

i had this game too but im lazey so go to sim theme parks comments an see why hint my dad

rollercoasterlover2019-12-200 point

i want this game because i had it but my dad put it in a storage unit and he did not pay it of so my computer and all my games went by by along with some other crap of mine

Salem2019-10-170 point

I also have the issue of not being able to build in the areas I've unlocked. Other than that I'm really happy I had the opportunity to play this game again.

CGpie2019-06-230 point

i followed the steps and the game works great. Except when i open a new area, it doesnt allow me to build on it. Any ideas?

Mildly annoyed2019-01-030 point

This is an Alcohol clone of the FLT scene release renamed. FLT-SIMC.BIN 490,686,000 bytes EE95DA05. Open the rar file and you see the same checksum for the MDF and the crack is in the image (CRACK folder, plebs). It would be nice to see legit isos on abandonware sites and not this old scene crap that everyone has. Waste of time and bandwidth.

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Marz2018-10-197 points

Here's a thing.. Game works really well for me, but once i get the first park expansion, I get the cutscene and all, but I still can't build in that area. Keep going to get the next one unlocked, and those areas are still greyed out to me. Any idea how to fix something like /that/?

Herz2018-10-061 point

DEAFMONK21 I did what you said, the game started but then it crashed .. do you know what made this happen and maybe a possible fix ?:

Blake2018-09-142 points

Nevermind, but I still can't get the game to work. When I click on it, it acts like its going to start, but doesn't.

Blake2018-09-143 points

What's the serial number?

rosmc872018-09-08-3 points

deafmonk21's easy fix of editing the 3 files in the data folder got it running perfectly on my windows 10 machine! Originally I got the first few sound files and a black screen on load up before crashing. soon as I got the files edited it loaded up and runs perfectly. thank you kindly.

deafmonk212018-07-240 point

Theres another site that has pc games iso to download and to mount it on your ghost cd rom, it also have a crack folder with the game.exe that lets you run the game without the cd needed by erasing the orignal game.exe and replace it with that crack game.exe to run without cd. Have to use poweriso to mount to the ghost drive.
I like to use both this and the isozone website. found most of my favorite game from long time ago for windows 98 and xp.

deafmonk212018-07-243 points

In order to get the simcoaster to work on new computer like 7,8,8.1(I have 8.1) and newer version of windows, you have to go to the bullfrog folder in the program file and look for data folder, then look for the 3 of the file says low med and high. edit using the notepad, change the 2 settings (Render32 and texture 32) from 0 to 1. The game should start with no problem.(Ive done it last week and still playing it faster and almost done with all the objectives than the simcoaster on my old windows 98 laptop.

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the unknown2017-12-020 point

Themes For Mac

some areas have been opened but they are still shaded. Any fix?

ThemeParkBoy2017-05-095 points

game.exe isn't working. And crash, any fix?

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