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With the recent redesign of their website, it’s nearly impossible to find out where to download Synology Assistant. After some digging around, I finally found out where it was hidden.

Lucky for you, I took the time to write this blog post to make your life easier. No frills. No BS. Download link below!

Scroll down to the bottom of the list for the latest version. In addition to the latest version, all previous versions of the Synology Assistant are available too. On the resulting screen, click on your operating system: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, or Fedora. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Where Did Synology Assistant Go?

Synology Download Center

Since the redesign of the Synology website, most supplemental NAS software has seemingly gone missing. Links to this NAS software from Google are redirected to the Synology Download Center.

This would be okay, except Synology has categorized its download based on its products. For example, you must select your product type and model number to find any associated downloads. When you finally get to the page with your product, you won’t find any link to the Synology Assistant download. Further investigation through the drop down menus turns nothing up.

I finally found the download that I linked above by clicking on the All Downloads link as illustrated below.

This took me to the “Index of” page at https://archive.synology.com/download/. By navigating to the root, you can then proceed to Tools then Assistant.

I’m not sure why Synology has hidden the link to download Synology Assistant and other such software. But at the very least, my hope is that this blog post has helped you find what you were looking for today. If it has, take a few seconds and let me know in the comments below.

Taipei, Taiwan—October 1, 2009—Synology® Inc. today announced the official release of its Synology Assistant, introducing Linux version, multiple Disk Station installation, resource monitor and several enhancements of the management UI. 'In addition, the official release also includes support for the latest Mac OS, Snow Leopard,' said Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology.

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The Linux version of Synology Assistant is designed for Ubuntu distribution. In addition to the existing Windows and Mac version, users can now install Synology Assistant on Linux environment.

Synology Assistant Download Macos Catalina

Installing system firmware for a batch of Disk Stations simultaneously is now possible. The batch installation function makes it easier and more time-saving for deploying multiple Disk Stations in a network. Installation status of each Disk Station is clearly displayed during the process to ensure a successful installation.

With Synology Assistant, users can now monitor CPU usage, memory usage, network flow and volume usage of multiple Disk Stations. Without logging into DSM 2.2 management UI, all statistics are displayed on a well-organized panel for easy access, greatly eliminating administrative efforts.

Synology Assistant Download Mac Os

Synology Assistant also includes several UI enhancements. The application window is now resizable, and the Disk Stations listed can now be sorted by different attributes such as server name, or IP address. The configurable language setting now allows users to use the new Synology Assistant in the language they are familiar with. The Synology Assistant is compatible with Windows 2000 onward, Mac OS X 10.3 onward and Linux Ubuntu 8 and 9.


How To Download Synology Assistant

Synology Assistant applies to Synology Disk Station of x09, x08 and x07 series and is available for free download at: