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Simon the Sorcerer is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Adventure Soft in 1993 for Amiga and MS-DOS formats. The first instalment in the Simon the Sorcerer series, the game follows a boy named Simon, who is transported to a parallel universe to embark on a mission to rescue a wizard called Calypso from an evil sorcerer named Sordid.

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  1. Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer

DOS - 1993

Also released on: Amiga

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4.35 / 5 - 85 votes
Simon the sorcerer game download

Description of Simon the Sorcerer

Two of the most charming adventure games ever are low-profile games that have captured many an adventurer's heart. In both games, quintessential 90's teenager Simon must prevent the evil wizard from conquering the magical world he's unwittingly zapped into. Difficult but fair puzzles, witty dialogues, and inimitable self-effacing humor and charm are the games' hallmarks.

Overall, two severely underrated games that belong on everyone's shelf.

Simon The Sorcerer Acts 8

Review By HOTUD

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Ron2017-10-020 point

Love this!

Avalon2014-12-211 point DOS version

This comment is probably two years to late, but maybe it will help someone else out..
To run the game in fullscreen just press alt+enter.

danadan2014-05-130 point DOS version


trying to download..2014-04-240 point DOS version


champagnedemon2014-03-120 point DOS version


alx11822014-03-030 point DOS version

Really missed this game :(

superstar wayne2013-12-260 point DOS version

Simon The Sorcerer Game Download


Hol dir eine Superblase!2012-12-310 point DOS version

nice one

durki2012-12-041 point DOS version

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i don't have sound and the game won't run in full screen. help?

Papers please mac download ita 32-bit. PollyN2012-09-280 point DOS version

Sheer nostalgia for a 'simpler' time, that's why I'm here! Love the soundtrack and the silliness and I want my eight-year-old to compare it to Club Penguin.

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Simon the Sorcerer is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. GoG.com provides the best release and does not include DRM, please buy from them! You can read our online store guide .

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  • Year:1994
  • Publisher:Adventuresoft Ltd.
  • Developer:Adventuresoft Ltd.

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