Salon Software for Mac v.3.2 Salon Software for Mac is a program designed specifically to be used on Mac (OS X) serving as a management efficiency partner to all kinds of salons. Night Club Booking Software v.1.0 Install our Night Club Booking Software on your website by a simple JavaScript integration, and let your customers reserve booths. May 10, 2015. Oct 08, 2019.

The efficient operation of salons and spas requires the use of a feature-rich management tool. Now you can use the Salon Software tool to book appointments, take payments, attract new customers and manage other activities. Check out this article to find the best Salon Software tools that are used in various salons and spas for efficient management of all business related activities.



Shedul is a simple, flexible and powerful Salon Software tool for spas and salons. This free tool helps to revolutionize salon business by providing highly efficient booking facilities. Some of its advanced features include activity dashboard, appointment scheduling, sending automated reminders, online bookings, and sales.

Simple Salon

Simple Salon is a streamlined Salon Software tool used for simplifying the workload. This tool ensures more creative results and is perfect for any type of salon. Most of the hair salons, beauty salons, day spas and multi-location salons use this handy tool for efficient management of business.

Insight Salon Software

Insight Salon Software tool helps to improve business management and is recommended for busy spa and salon owners. You can install the software tool in your computer system or access it from the cloud. If accessed from the cloud, you get automatic online data backups and appointment booking facilities.

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Salonite is a cloud-based Salon Software tool used for appointment scheduling. This is a cloud-based tool which comes with Dropbox export features. Some of its features include simple scheduling, stock management, online booking, business intelligence, linked appointment and point of sale.

Waffor Hair Salon Software

Waffor Hair Salon Software tool helps in efficient management of your salon. This tool offers an easy and flexible appointment scheduler, integrated Point of Sale and centralized cloud-based customer data storage management. It also helps to maintain multiple user logins, maintain stock control and schedule working days.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a Salon Software tool which helps clients to view real-time availability and book appointments. This tool provides a snapshot of your revenue, customization options and ensures a straightforward booking experience. It also offers an option for sharing your calendar via email and social networking sites.




Salon Ultimate

Milano Salon Suite

Salon Software For Mac Computers

Salon Software Download For Mac Windows 7

Salon Software for other Platforms

The Salon Software tool has all the features of Billing Software, Business Scheduling Software, Online Scheduling Software, and Reminder Software tool. So you can choose the best version of the tool and use it for managing all salon activities.

Rosy Salon Software for Windows

Rosy Salon Software tool provides highly efficient management solutions for salons and spas. Some of its features include online client scheduling, appointment scheduling, mobile access, Facebook integration and mobile web app. Credit card processing, conversion services, and gift cards are some of the add-ons.

Salon Software Download For Mac Windows 10

Millennium for Mac

Millennium is an award winning Spa & Salon Software tool for Mac. This tool offers highly efficient salon appointment booking to help increase the revenue. It also provides secure credit card processing, split-line commissions, navigation center, inventory and a real-time monitoring station.

Salon Iris for Android

Salon Iris is an award winning Salon Software application used by most of the salon and spa owners. This application helps to manage appointments, credit cards, inventory, marketing and point of sale. The streamlined tool will provide an option for easy scheduling and online booking of appointments.

Vagaro Salon Software – Most Popular Salon Software

Vagaro is the most popular Salon Software tool which is specially designed for booth renters, spas, and salons. This powerful tool offers a calendar for viewing schedules, re-scheduling appointments and changing your availability time. It also includes a marketing feature which helps to get your business features, promote your discounts and send automated reminders.

How to install Salon Software?

Most of the highly professional Salon Software tools can be downloaded for free or purchased online. Installation of the tool is not a concern since it’s a very easy task for all users. The tool offers various features and options to help you with the management of your salon. You can start using the Salon Software tool for managing all activities and growing your business.

The Salon Software tools are a must have for all salon and spa owners. These tools help to track customers and manage inventory, payroll & appointments with ease. Download and install the best tool to manage administrative activities and perform all tasks in quick time.

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