• Dec 17, 2019.
  • Now we will use a Conda environment file to recreate the python environment that we use to develop and run PCSE. First you should download the conda environment file which comes in two flavours, an environment for running PCSE on python 3 (downloads/py3pcse.yml) and one for python 2 (downloads/py2pcse.yml).Both environments include the Jupyter notebook and IPython which are.
  1. Install Python Opengl
  2. Python Opengl Download
Latest version

For Python 2.x, use the.-py2.7.zip package and make sure that you use Python 2.x to execute setup.py. Local Install of Snap.py If you want to use Snap.py in a local directory without installing it system-wide, then download the corresponding Snap.py package for your system, unpack it, and copy files snap.py and snap.so (or snap.pyd) to your working directory. May 31, 2019.


Python-Java bridge. Fork of the jPype project by Steve Menard (http://jpype.sourceforge.net/), with the modifications applied by Luis Nell (https://github.com/originell/jpype)

Project description


This fork was the only Python 3-compatible version of JPype for a while,but it has since stalled and its root project,jpype-project/jpype has since addeda lot feature, including said support of Py3.

Issue #28 has shown thatthe differences between the two forks are mainly on implementation anddistribution level.

As a result, this fork is now deprecated and should not be used anymore.Version will be the last published version of this repository, and onlyadds deprecation warning at installation and import time.

This project will stay archived on GitHub, and won’t evolve anymore.

JPype - Python 3

From the original Website:

JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to javaclass libraries. This is achieved not through re-implementingPython, as Jython/JPython has done, but rather through interfacingat the native level in both Virtual Machines. Eventually, it shouldbe possible to replace Java with python in many, though not all,situations. JSP, Servlets, RMI servers and IDE plugins are goodcandidates.

Install Python Opengl

Once this integration is achieved, a second phase will be started toseparate the Java logic from the Python logic, eventually allowingthe bridging technology to be used in other environments, I.E. Ruby,Perl, COM, etc …

This GitHub fork is a Python 3 version of jPype.It does not support Python 2.

This is a fork of originell/jpype,which originally aims to simplify the installation of jPype on Linux andMacOS X.

Known Bugs/Limitations

  • Java classes outside of a package (in the <default> package) cannot beimported.
  • Fields or methods conflicting with a python keyword can’t be accessed.
  • Because of lack of JVM support, you cannot shutdown the JVM and then restartit.
  • Some methods rely on the “current” class/caller. Since calls coming directlyfrom python code do not have a current class, these methods do not work.The User Manual lists all the known methods like that.

Road map

Future developments of this fork of jPype :

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  • Stay close to the Python 2 version (patches, issues, …)
  • Convert examples in Python 3
  • Review the code (Python and C++): clean up, add comments, …
  • Separate Python 3 specific code (Python and C++)


The Python 3 development files and either the Sun/Oracle JDK/JRE Variantor OpenJDK.


Debian/Ubuntu users will have to install g++ and python3-devfirst:


On Windows, you will have to install:

  • Visual C++ Express 2010 (which is free)


On Linux:

On Windows:

If it fails…


This happens mostly due to the setup not being able to find yourJAVA_HOME. In case this happens, please do two things:

  1. You can continue the installation by finding the JAVA_HOME onyour own ( the place where the headers etc. are) and explicitlysetting it for the installation:

  2. Please create an Issueon GitHub andpost all the information you have.

Tested on

OSArchitectureJava version
Fedora 1864 bitsOpenJDK 6 and 7
Fedora 1964 bitsOpenJDK 6 and 7
Ubuntu 12.0464 bitsOpenJDK 6 and 7
Mac OS X 10.8.464 bitsOracle JDK 6 and 7
Mac OS X 10.964 bitsOracle JDK 6 and 7
Windows 732 bitsOracle JDK 7 and OpenJDK 7

Release historyRelease notifications RSS feed

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Download files

Python Opengl Download

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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Hashes for JPype1_py3-
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Hashes for JPype1-py3-
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