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You want to measure on the computer screen in different measurements then you need an on-screen ruler to do the same. We have evaluated the best on-screen ruler for you to use. The on-screen ruler is available as an online tool or can be download to the computer. The on-screen ruler is used by persons who want to measure the screen like website designers and others. Let us now look at the available rulers.



It is a free online on-screen ruler specially calibrated for the phone and tablet devices. It measures in millimeters and inches. It does auto adjustment based on the size of the device. Calibrating the ruler by comparing with an object whose dimension is known. The ratio aspect is optional.

JR Screen Ruler

A screen ruler is a great tool which allows you to measure anything on the screen. This is useful to measure graphics, web page, and browser sizes. You can capture the size of the active window. You can customize color setting transparent color, ruler rotation and more. You can activate by key controls.

Free Online Ruler

It is an online ruler. You have the option to measure in centimeters and inches or any one of the measurements. You can flip the same to hide it and use when needed. You need to use the Ctrl keys to rotate the ruler. An easy to use a ruler for measuring anything on the screen.

On-Screen Ruler for Other Platforms

You would like to use the on-line ruler on the device you have in your home. This would be computers or laptops with Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. Tunnelblick mac os x downloads. You would have a preference to use your mobile or tablet which runs Android or IOS. We will review the on-screen ruler available on these platforms.

Simple Screen Ruler for Windows

This application runs on your PC with Windows software. It is used to display the ruler on the screen. You can measure by the showed ruler on your screen. You can measure the size of the pictures on the screen. It can show in cm, inch, and pixel. It shows the screen information.

Free Ruler for Mac

This is a free ruler which runs on the MAC OS. A horizontal and vertical rule which can be used independently or simultaneously. Measurement is in pixels, cm, and inches. There is an automatic alignment of rulers. You can group all the rulers together and move them around. It has shadow fewer rulers with customizable transparency.

Ruler App for Android

Ruler App is for your phone or tablet which runs the Android OS. It has a fast and responsive interface with a modern design built for the phone or tablet. It is very simple to use and supports the touch interface of your device. It keeps the history of all your measurements.

Ondesoft Screen Rulers – Most Popular Software

It is an easy, powerful and virtual ruler of the Mac system. It is a highly configurable measuring utility with many great features, enabling you to measure in pixels, millimeter, inches and other customizable measurements as per your need. A notebook provides you a history of the detailed measurements you have taken.

How To Install On Screen Rulers?

This On-Screen Ruler software can be downloaded from the website. You can download as per the operating system of your system. Once the software is downloaded you can run the setup program. It will ask a few questions which will help to install in a particular directory and register the software in your name. Once installed you can run the application to check whether it is launching fine. You can read the user manual to use the software.

You are a graphic or website designer. You would like to use an on-screen ruler to measure the objects for your design. You can use any of the on-screen rulers reviewed above. You may try out the rulers before finalizing on any of the tools.

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Current version: PixelRuler

PixelRuler is free only for private use.
For a commercial use the price for one license (1 workstation) is only 5.00€*. You will get a volume discount if you purchase multiple licenses. More Infos..

An info window will be displayed on every startup with a link to purchase a license. After receipt of payment the buyer will receive an activation code by e-mail, to convert the free version into a full version.


pixelruler.zipWithout your feedback
the development of PixelRuler
cannot progress!
- PixelRuler v9.6.0.0, 1.5MB (21.11.2018)
MD5 hash: FBE970CE1304BC08237A556A47AF941EPixel
PixelRuler contains no Spyware, Malware or something similar

Version history

new since v9.6.0.0:

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  • New menu item Feedback
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.5.0.0:

  • Supports high resolution 4K/UHD monitors and Multimonitoring.
  • Monitor calibration for unit of length in mm, cm, inches, etc.
  • In addition to the running value for the actual Pixel position (green), a new value (black) is displayed which outputs the converted Pixel position for the corresponding zoom factor (scaling <> 100% / DPI <> 96).
  • Multimonitoring: max. Ruler length adapted to the complete virtual desktop.
  • ALT+X saves the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard. CTRL+ALT does not work anymore, but you can choose an other key combination under Hotkeys.
  • Copying the current Pixel color value to the clipboard now works system-wide without having the PixelRuler focus or the zoom window is open.
  • Accelerated mouse cursor movement when CTRL+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • Accelerated ruler movement when SHIFT+ALT+Arrow keys are pressed longer.
  • CTRL+Arrow keys moves mouse cursor by 10 pixels.
  • ALT+Arrow keys increases/decreases the ruler width.
  • New menu item Ruler always visible - allows you to move the ruler only up to the edge of the monitor (top, bottom, left, right), otherwise the ruler can also be moved outside the visible range.
  • New menu item show Coordinates on Ruler - activates/deactivates the running value(s) for the actual real and virtual Pixel positions and the unit of length. Without showing these values, the ruler can be used e.g. as a Reading Help (Hint: change the background color and font color both to the same color).
  • New menu item Font style (Coordinates) - you can choose different fonts and sizes for the horizontal and vertical actual Pixel color value(s).
  • Zoom window revised
  • Sound (can be switched on/off) when copying the actual Pixel color value to the clipboard.
  • Automatically weekly online search (can be switched on/off) for PixelRuler software updates.
  • Administrator: can disable the popup menu entries 'Help' (inclusive function call 'F1'), 'Homepage' and 'Search online for updates' via Registry setting.
  • New submenu items Background (Ruler) and Background (Coordinates) under 'Transparency'. This makes the ruler background and the background for the running coordinates values completely transparent.
  • New menu item Zoom window - to change the view size of the Zoom window.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

new since v9.2.0.0:

  • PixelRuler saves Pixel color value to clipboard.
  • Zoom window with color values for Long and Websafe.
  • Mouse movements with Arrow keys can be enabled/disabled.
  • Small bugs fixed.

new since v9.1.0.0:

  • PixelRuler shows on every startup an info window with a link to purchase a license.
  • Bigger zoom window with fixed zoom factor 9.
  • PixelRuler remembers the opened/closed state of the zoom window and displays it accordingly at the next startup.
  • Varied bugs fixed like e.g.:
    Zoom area of the screen edges,
    Displaying the Help file,
    Measurement error in the ruler area between 0-15 pixels.

new since v9.0.0.0:


Pixel Ruler 4

  • PixelRuler comes in 2 versions for private and commercial use.
  • Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+Mouse wheel to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • Decrease/increase the ruler on both ruler ends by using a mouse.
  • +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 100 pixels.
  • SHIFT+ +/- -keys (num. keypad) to decrease/increase the ruler in steps by 10 pixels.
  • The active zoom window will be shown again after the ruler was minimized and maximized.
  • Option to directly show the ruler after program starts, or to hide it inside the system tray.
  • Red cursor shows the actual X/Y coordinates.
  • Current X- or Y-coordinates will be shown even if the mouse cursor is not located on the ruler.
  • Various bugs were fixed.

new since v8.0.0.0:

Image Pixel Ruler

  • Hotkey to minimize into the system tray.
  • SHIFT+Cursor keys moves the ruler pixelwise.
  • Red line for an easier ruler alignment.
  • Program remembers last X/Y position of horizontal/vertical ruler after Restart.
  • Various bugs were fixed.