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Movavi Video Converter 4 for Mac
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Supported Formats
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Activating Software
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Quick Start Guide
Movavi Video Converter Interface
Main Converter Window
File List
Preview Area
Preset Tree
Converting Video and Audio
Adding Media for Conversion
Choosing an Output Format
Converting for Devices
Converting Videos for the Internet
Extracting Audio from Video
Converting Audio
Changing the Output Path
SuperSpeed Conversion
Enabling SuperSpeed Conversion
SuperSpeed Indication
Compatible Formats
Conversion Options
Joining Files
Trimming Video and Audio
Reducing Video Size
Selecting and Adding Tracks
Adding to iTunes
Rotating Videos
Video Adjustments
Contacting Support
  • Preview Area
The Preview Area is essentially a built-in player that allows you to preview your video and also trim its length using the Trim markers in the Progress bar.
Clicking this button will hide the player. You can bring it back using the Show/Hide Player button beneath the File List or using the Playback menu.
Clicking this button will unpin the player into a separate window. This is especially useful if you have two monitors. You can always double-click the player window's Title Bar to bring it back.
This is your video! Isn't it great?
The Progress Bar displays the current playback position and the file's duration. It also contains Left and Right markers which can be used to trim your video.
Use these buttons to switch the preview mode: Input mode will display the original video, and Output mode will display how your output video will approximately look like in terms of size, proportions, video quality, etc.
Clicking this button will start the selected file's playback.
Clicking this button will rewind the video by one frame backward.
Clicking this button will skip one frame forward.
Clicking this button will turn on the full screen preview mode.
Clicking this button will bring up the volume control where you can set the volume level for the preview. It will not affect the volume of the output video after conversion.

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