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Jul 20, 2020. Mosaic a vanilla flavored plain-jane web browser that has built-in e-mail and FTP features. (A little known fact is that you can even use Mosaic and Netscape to upload files via FTP as well as download multiple files.) Mosaic does not support Java, ActiveX, plug-ins, style sheets, or animated GIF files. The latest version of NCSA Mosaic for.

Mosaic Web Browser

Mosaic Web Browser Download Mac

Date Released: January 1993 – January 1997
File Size: 8.70 MB
Operation Systems: Windows, Mac, AmigaOS, OpenVMS, and UNIX
Last Updated: 11/05/2019

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The NCSA Mosaic, or Mosaic was neither the first internet browser in the world, and it was the web browser credited with popularizing the WWW. It was simple, easily understood user interface, reliability, Windows port and simple installation all contributed to making it the application that opened up the Web to the general public. It was also a client for earlier internet protocols such as FTP, NNTP, and popular protocol Gopher.


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What is NCSA Mosaic (browser)?

NCSA Mosaic was one of the very first web browsers in 1993. It not only allowed for web pages to be downloaded and rendered on screen, but it was also supporting FTP and Gopher protocols. NCSA Mosaic was the only browser that could display simple embed pictures on non-color QuickDraw Macintosh. NCSA Mosaic shortly after was renamed to Netscape Navigator.

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Mosaic for Mac is still listed for download on the official NCSA FTP: ftp://ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Mosaic/Mac/

Mosaic-1-0-3--2-0-1--3-0b.sit(12.17 MiB / 12.76 MB)
NCSA Mosaic v1.0.3 (1994) + v2.0.1 (68K + PPC) (1995) + v3.0b2+3+4 (1996) / compressed w/ Stuffit
166 / 2019-02-09 / 2019-02-09 / 4c9a7dabe2a33582e4ee6f0a168bbfb64b93e898 / /
NCSA_Mosaic_1.0.1_and_1.0.2.sit(588.69 KiB / 602.82 KB)
NCSA Mosaic v1.0.1 + v1.0.2 (1993) / compressed w/ Stuffit
85 / 2017-08-04 / 2019-02-09 / 80b4e846a6b25b88d2350b7c81f1f669215806f7 / /
NCSAMosaic103.hqx(452.62 KiB / 463.49 KB)
NCSA Mosaic v1.0.3 (1994) / BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
185 / 2014-04-14 / 2019-02-09 / 3382ba0b6703786e5002f97d6084f5fe539fc5e5 / /
NCSAmosaic200b7.sit(1.63 MiB / 1.71 MB)
NCSA Mosaic v2.0.0b7 / compressed w/ Stuffit
41 / 2015-08-13 / 2019-02-09 / eb09333ec580d39ecd418730424f0e2f755a53c4 / /


Motorola 68K

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

At least 1.2MB of free RAM (recommended 2MB)

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

Mosaic Web Browser