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If you just purchased an M-Audio Vocal Studio or Producer USB, you may be wondering: Do I need drivers for this?


The Vocal Studio and Producer USB has been in production for some time now, and have gone through a few subtle changes over the years. While their functionality hasn't changed, some models will require a driver, while newer models that are class-compliant will not require additional driver installation.

We've put together a few methods to help you figure out which one is which:

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Step 1: The serial number

The serial number is the easiest way to tell if your model requires a driver, but you'll need to keep the box to find the serial number for your unit. The serial number will be located below a barcode and will begin with a (21).

  • (21)XX14 and lower - After the (21) this will include two letters, such as CW, PH, or PW, or a letter and a number, such as A3. If the number after these two letters is 14 or lower, you will need to install the driver
  • (21)XX15 and higher - After the (21) this will include two letters, such as CW, PH, or PW, or a letter and a number, such as A3. If the number after these two letters is 15 or higher, you will not need to install the driver. This model is class-compliant.

If your box does not have a serial number in this format, the unit is older and will require the additional driver.

Step 2: Plug it in!


If you have one of the newer class-compliant models, you'll see Windows begin installing the driver. This should complete within a minute and your Vocal Studio/Producer USB will be ready to use!

To double-check this, go into the Device Manager (Control Panel > Device Manager) and look under Sound, Video and Game Controllers. You should see a 'Producer USB' device just like in the image below:

If you do not see 'Producer USB', or it appears with an error next to it, you will need to install the driver.

Mac OS X

If you have a newer model, simply connect the Vocal Studio/Producer USB to a USB port on your computer and you'll see it pop up automatically in the Sound Preferences (System Preferences > Sound):

You can also hold down the Option key and click on the speaker icon in your toolbar to find the Producer USB available as input/output:

If you don't see the Vocal Studio or Producer USB here as an option, you will need to install the latest driver.

Step 3: Download the driver

If you discover through these steps that your unit does require a driver, the latest driver can be downloaded through our Drivers & Updates page or you can use the link below:

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  • Windows Driver 6.1.0 - supported on Windows 7–10
  • Windows Driver 6.0.2 - supported on Windows XP and Vista
  • Mac OS X Driver 1.9.1 - supported on Mac OS X 10.4.11–10.8.5
  • Mac OS X Driver 1.7.3 - supported on Mac OS X 10.3.9–10.5.8

If your Vocal Studio/Producer USB is working without the driver installed, it is not necessary to install the driver. While installing the driver won't harm the unit in any way, it could lead to conflicts and affect performance.

Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

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