Individuals who uses a computer in today’s times are aware of what a cursor is. A cursor is a small pulsating image of an arrow, a question mark, or a hand pointer we can see whenever we move around our mouse in our computer screen. It is especially designed to show the pc user where actions started by the computer mouse will happen. For those who desire to have bright colored and entertaining cursors, this post is for you as today we provide you with a collection of cursor icon which are all free to download. These sets of cursor icon can be used to replace the default cursor icon on your computer or can be employed on web pages as well so that your web visitors will enjoy looking at the blinking cursor while browsing your contents.

  • Tip 2: Temporary. To temporarily make the cursor bigger: While you have Accessibility Display Cursor, you’ll see a checkbox above the slider.; Click the box next to Shake mouse pointer to.
  • Aug 18, 2020.
  • MacOS Big Sur Cursor Theme with HiDPi Display support. This Cursor is built with clickgen and render with the puppeteer.Available Sizes 24, 28, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96Get latest build @GitHub ActionsRelease Notification at Twitter(@ful1e5)Linux/X11 installationGet the latest.

Download macOS Catalina Cursor/Pointer Pack for Windows. You’re probably a Windows user and using the same Cursor/Pointer for a long time could make it boring. The problem with the default Windows Pointer is that it’s the same since Windows 7. Apr 08, 2020.

Take a look at these 30 Sets of Free Cursor Icon with various designs to choose from. If you spend a lot of your time in your computer then take time to personalize your cursor. Browse this collection right now and select a cursor you prefered the most. Have fun!

Polar Cursor Set for Windows

For this first freebie on the list, you have set that contains 13 static cursors (CUR format), 6 animated cursors (ANI format), and 3 INF files – all these are available for desktop computers.
To install these cursors, right click on the 3 INF files (Polar green, Polar blue, Polar red) and select “Install”. They can be installed even without the use of CursorXP.

Black Royale Cursor Pack

Black Royale cursor pack also contains 13 CUR cursors files, but with only 3 ANI cursors (help, working, and loading cursors). It also includes one INF file that you can use to install the cursors by right clicking on the file and selecting ‘Install’.

Black and White System Cursors

Here is a set of 13 cursors that are in PNG format. They are a bit bigger than usual cursors, which are great if you want them to be more noticeable.
To install the cursors in this set, you need to install CursorXP and Cursor FX.

Denial Cursor Pack

This pack is home to these 13 static (CUR format) cursors and two animated (ANI format) cursors. They are designed with black, white, and orange colors that jive well to dark and light desktops. Also, it contains 1 INF file that can be used to easily install the cursors to your PC.

Streetlight Cursor v2

This next freebie set is a big one. It contains a total of 152 various cursors divided into 3 groups (72 for DeviantArt, 40 for Dark gray, and 40 for Streetlight). It is a combination of CUR and ANI formats that you can utilize to customize your desktop cursors.

WinaRtist Edition Cursor Pack

WindowsaRtist edition pack contains 10 static (CUR) cursors and 4 animated (ANI) cursors – a total of 14 cursor files. It is designed with glowing lights that is inspired by the logo of Windows.

Obsidian Cursor Set

Obisdian set consists of thirteen CUR format cursors and two animated ANI format cursors. They come in normal and smaller sizes depending on your preferences. This set also includes an INF file that can save you time and effort in installing this to your Windows desktop. You just have to right click on the file and select ‘Install’.

Bodamor Cursor

Bodamor is a pack of cursors that were designed with a more feminine look. It contains 13 CUR formats and 2 ANI formats for a total of 15 cursors that you can use for your Windows PC.

Stardock CursorXP Icon

A set of icons that you can download in the following sizes: 24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 128x128px and 256x256px. They are in PNG format so you will need CursorXP or CursorFX to turn them into cursors.

Purple Cursor Folder Icon

A set of purple cursor folder icons which you can download in the following sizes: 16×16 px, 32×32 px, 48×48 px, 128×128 px, 256×256 px and 512×512 px.


Streetlight Cursor

This set includes a total of 80 cursors (64 CUR files and 16 ANI files) that are divided into 4 groups. Each of these groups have different color variations that you can choose from depending on the desktop theme you are currently using.

Umbrella Cursors

Umbrella cursors are inspired from the movie Resident Evil. This pack includes eight animated cursors (ANI format) that you can put to use in your Windows computer.

Smiley Cursors

This next pack consists of 13 cursors in CUR format and 2 cursors in ANI format. You can apply this to your PC whenever you always need some smileys on your screen.

Black Arrow Cursor Pack

Black Arrow pack contains 15 CUR file cursors that are all in 64x64px size and are compatible to Windows 7. The pack also includes a CMD file that you can use to install these cursors.

Portal Cursors

Portal cursors is a pack that comprises 4 circular cursors (in ANI format) for the busy and working cursors. These cursors also come in 2 color variations: blue and orange.

Starcraft 2 Cursor Set

If you are a gamer and a Star Craft fanatic, then you’ll love this next cursor pack. It contains 17 cursors that are in 2 sizes: 32px and 24px. Each version have 16 CUR files and 1 ANI file.

Corgi Cursor Set

This next pack is for dog lovers, especially Corgi lovers. It includes 10 cute corgi cursors that all are animated (ANI format) and applicable for Windows XP and higher Windows versions.

Mac Inspired Cursor

Mac Inspired Cursors includes 15 cursor files that cover all modes from normal to resizing. Specifically, it has 13 CUR formats and 2 ANI formats for busy and working cursors. Also, the download includes an INF file that you can use to install these cursors to your Windows PC.

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PencilCur contains 15 pencil-inspired cursors that are in ANI format, meaning that they are all animated. It also includes 1 INF file that you can use to install the cursors in this pack.


Eclair is set that consists of 15 dark cursors (12 ANI and 3 CUR) that have 3 different sizes each. The original size is suitable for big screens while the small and smallest sizes are for the usual screens of laptops and PCs. These cursors are compatible for Windows XP and higher versions of Windows. Use the INF file to install these cursors.

Cursors For Mac

Elegant Cursor

Elegant Cursor is a pack of 13 blue-themed cursors that are divided to 11 CUR format cursors and 2 ANI format cursors that are available to be used on your Windows computer.

Red and White Cursor Set

Here is a pack of red and white cursors that holds 15 different designs of cursors. 13 of these are in CUR format while the other 2 are in ANI format. An INF file named “Install.inf” is also included on the download. You can use this file to easily install these cursors to your PC.

Deep Purple Cursor Set

Deep purple set comprises 15 cursors that are in purple-themed designs. The download specifically includes 13 CUR formats, 2 ANI formats, and 1 INF file named ‘Deep Purple Cursors Install’. Use this INF file to install the cursors by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Install’.

Smooth White Cursor Pack

Here are clean white cursors that you can download in one archive. This archive contains 8 CUR files, 7 ANI files, and 1 INF file named ‘Install’. To install these cursors, right click on the file ‘Install’ and select install.

Simplify Cursors

Simplify Cursors are composed of 13 CUR cursors, 2 ANI cursors, and 1 INF that you can use to install the cursors. They come in dark and light versions to suit your desktop theme. To use them, go to Contro Panel>Mouse>Pointers and from the Scheme drop-down menu choose the new Cursor theme installed, lastly click Ok/Apply.

Radioactive Cursor Set

This next pack contains 12cursors in black and yellow colors. These cursors are designed based on the radioactive symbol, Most of them are animated (ANI format), 11 to be exact, while the other one is in CUR format.

“Shine” Animated Cursor Pack

Shine pack is composed of 16 cursors files, specifically 6 CUR formats and 10 ANI formats. Most of them are animated and transparent as well. It also contains a cursor that changes on color when moved.

Kawaii Pinku

For this next pack, you’ll get 15 CUR-format cursors. These cursors are designed with a girlish and glittery appearance that are perfect for ladies who wants to customize their PC.

Dude Cursor Set

Mac Cursors Download

This Dude set also contains 15 cursors for different modes. It precisely has 11 CUR formats, 4 ANI formats, and 1 INF named ‘Dude’. To install these, right click on this ‘Dude’ file and select ‘Install’.

Kinergety Cursors 2sets

Last but not least, we have a total of 30 cursors that are divided into mark 1 and mark 2. Each has its own INF file named “AutoSetup”, which you can use to install these cursors hassle-free.

We hope that you were now able to customize your cursor icon after browsing this collection. Which cursor icon did you download from this list?

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Thanks Joan! Great collection of stylish arrows… Elsewhere it was mostly amateurish but you picked the high quality ones. Looking forward to checking them out. God bless xx