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The well-known TechSmith Corporation brings you this wonderful screencasting tool that was introduced about 11 years ago. Jing comes not only as a screen recorder but also a snapshot tool with the ability of including audio in the screencasts. It will also provide some editing tools especially when it comes to screenshots. This Jing review article dives even deeper to get a full picture on what features you are to expect when you install this app.

Jing is very minimalistic even for the installation file meaning that you should be set up and ready for your first recording within a very short time. However, to work with Jing, you have to create an account at With the same account, you will get access to cloud services where you can store your work and share conveniently. The account is free so you should not worry about charges. Without further ado, let us find out what Jing has to offer.

Mac jing free download - WinZip Mac, Avast Free Mac Security, AVG AntiVirus for Mac, and many more programs. Jing is a free screen recording app with which you capture your photos or record a video of your screen easily. Share it through a link, export to social media, or download it on your PC. Record your desktop. Jing is a very easy to use app with a nice little interface, which provides enough features for most users to create their own desktop.

Screen Capture and Snapshot

Based on the task at hand, Jing enables you to either record the screen or capture a screenshot. When you opt to record the screen, you can select a specific window or a part of that window and even a customized region where you drag cross-hairs to determine the recordable area. You can also add narration to the video as you will learn in this Jing review article.

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However, Jing limits you to only 5 minutes for the video recording so you have to be very time conscious when making your screen capture. Videos are saved in SWF format.

For the case where you do not need a video, screenshoting is available with this app. Capture screenshots fast and easily and explore extra tools to even make the snapshots come out in the best way. Jing lets you edit the screenshots after capturing with various annotations that include adding text, adding arrows and even applying highlights for emphasis. How else better can this get? Editing tools on the fly is not a feature that you come across many screencasting software.

Add Narration on the Go

In this Jing review, audio has also come up as a feature of interest. Being able to add audio as the recording goes on in real-time makes a tool screen recorder superior. Jing lets you add narration to your video once you have selected the device to work with. This software has the ability to recognize compatible audio capture devices that maybe connected to your Mac OS X. Better yet, based on the one you decide to work with, Jing is able to remember your preferences until you make changes on your own or if the list of devices changes. Once you start recording the video, this software will prompt you to choose the audio capture device to use.

Capture at the Stroke of a Key

Shortcuts always make work easier, convenient and even quicker by facilitating the fast completion of certain tasks. Jing is also not left out when it comes to this. In this review, Jing is found to support the option of setting a capture hotkey.

Better yet, the hotkey is customizable to any key combination fo your choice. The same combination of keys you set will also be able to pause and resume the recording when you opt to use video hotkeys. Once you set the hotkey, this software will open you up to the fastest way of initiating captures. You will no longer have to interact with the interface again when you need to start screencasts.

Customize Share Buttons

Jing gives you great control when it comes to sharing your work. How does it do this? Jing lets you create buttons that represent various destinations where you may want to share your capture. These destinations include FTP, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

In addition to that, you can have variants of buttons like for instance two similar buttons but each pointing to a different directory. On your Mac OS X, you may be working on work-related captures or even personal content which require separation to avoid mixup. No worries at all as Jing will enable you to navigate to each easily.

Saving, Cloud and Clipboard

Ultimately, when you are done with the capture process, you need to save your work in readiness for subsequent processes. Jing lets you achieve this in a variety of ways enabling get the most out of this process.

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You can save your work locally on the Mac OS X hard drive then upload to your favorite service. Jing also empowers you with a clipboard tool whereby your screenshot is copied ready for transfer to any location or application (email or document) of your choice after which you just need to paste.

For convenience, you can also share your output to the cloud services that come with Jing after which a shareable link will be generated for you to use. The link is automatically placed on the clipboard ready for sharing to any destination you prefer. It saves on time and on the local storage too.

Manage Your Recording History

Unlike other similar software that can not navigate you directly to the recorded files folder, Jing will let you do this at the click of a button. This comes in handy when you need quickDownload ds emulator for mac. access and review previous recordings so that you get information on what to do next.

For instance, you may have forgotten on a series of recording you were making and you would like where to continue from. It may look like a small feature but it is ultimately very important.

Learning Curve

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Jing is pretty simple backed up by an instinctive user interface. A first time user will be up and running within no time thanks to the provided tutorials and how-tos. Every action that can be accomplished with this software has a guide for it.

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This means that at no time should you be stuck when using this screencasting tool. When I review other similar software, you find that they do not provide training but instead you have to figure out things on your own. Jing is here to get rid of that hassle by training you to ace.

Official Jing Download

Download and install Jing on your Mac OS X and you will be open to all these features.