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iDVD is part of Apple's iLife software suite that allows users to burn DVD movies from QuickTime videos, music and digital photos. The DVD that can be played on any home DVD player and you can enjoy movies on your big screen TV. Unfortunately, iDVD is discontinued from Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). iDVD is also unavailable on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

Download iDVD for Mountain Lion - The iDVD version update for Mountain Lion is available on the iDVD version 7.1.2 download page. It is a free full version update that is most compatible with Macs running Mountain Lion that currently has an iDVD download version. Download iDVD for Maverick – Since newer macs do not support iDVD download, you. Are you looking for a DVD burner for Mac with the similar DVD making features of iDVD? You are right here. We'll introduce the best DVD burning software that provides you several great functions for both Windows and Mac and then learn the top 10 free DVD burning software for Mac with simple Mac OS X features, which will help you burn videos to DVD with easy steps. Jul 11, 2011.

Although DVD is not as popular as before, it's really an easy and convenient way to bring together taken photos and iMovie video to a removable medium so you can either mail to friends and family or share with them in the living room. However, Apple insists that everyone has a fast enough broad width (is that true?) to upload his video to iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, whatever. So iDVD is now dead. It disappears from Mac OS X Lion and won't come back. My God!

Sorry, Apple, I'm one of those who has no fast Internet connection and I prefer to burning my movie to DVD for long time saving. As so far, I've found 4 solutions to burning DVD on Mac with or without iDVD.

★ Method One: Download iDVD Alternative for Mac ★

I know you can get iDVD back to work on Mountain Lion and Lion, but Apple even makes it more difficult now. So my first suggestion is to find an iDVD for Mountain Lion alternative. There're many Mac DVD burning software on the market. You can easily download and try them. If you don't like, just remove it from your Mac. What I'm using now is Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac. It makes it very easy to burn photos, video and music to DVD. Compared to iDVD, it has too obvious advantages - slideshow making and broad video format support.

Only $49.00
Make magic DVD movies in easy steps.
Burn any videos (in addition to QuickTime movies), music and digital photos to a DVD disc, DVD folders, a ISO file, or a .dvdmedia file that can be played with DVD player.
Offers you lots of video editing tool to enhance your videos in a few clicks.
Turn digital photos to animated slideshow with background music and burn to DVD.
Includes an array of free DVD menu templates to compile a professional DVD menu.
Free technical support and free updates for lifetime

Method Two: Download iDVD to Mac and Install

Apple doesn't provide an iDVD download link anywhere. But actually, iDVD works well on Mountain Lion and Lion. Here comes the problem: Where can you get iDVD installation package? Below are multiple ways to download iDVD application.

  • iLife box set. Buy iLife '11 on Amazon [OLD VERSION] if you don't have one. iLife '09 may also work.
  • The supplied application DVD disc of some old models of MacBook or iMac.
  • You've saved an iDVD copy somewhere.
  • Apple ever sent free iDVD copy, but unavailable now. If you shout loudly enough, Apple may send?

Installing iDVD is as easy as other applications for Mac. However, some users have found these problems.

Problem: 'When I attempted to load iDVD into a new iMac. A notice came up on the screen stating that the 'Authorisation Licence' had expired on 25 March this year (2012). I contacted the Apple support team and eventually, I was told that the Licence had been withdrawn and could no longer be used.' - from jhb21939.

Solution: Set your Mac's time to sometime before 2011 and run iDVD installer. Reset the time back to the correct time when the installation is complete.


1. You can update iDVD to the latest (and last) version using the updater that is available here: Apple - Support - Downloads.

2. All new iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro now doesn't include a DVD drive, to burn DVD on these Mac computers, you need an External DVD Burner.

Method Three: Apple's Solution - Final Cut Pro X

iDVD is unavailable, but the most expensive Final Cut Pro X allows you to burn DVD right from the application, but without any fancy themes. You can get it Mac App Store for $299.99.

Method Four: Apple's Free Solution - Disk Utility


Apple's Disk Utility can also be used to writing files to DVD disc. If you can export your movie to ISO or DMG format, you can use Disk Utility to burn DVD on Mac. Here is how:

  1. Open Disk Utility: /Applications/Utilities.
  2. Drag and drop ISO image icon to the Disk Utility window.
  3. Select the disk image and click the Burn button.
  4. Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's optical drive
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete DVD burning.

Conclusion: Wondershare Provides An Easy Solution

If you can get iDVD to work on your system, it's the perfect solution. However, for regular users, Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac enables you to easily install and provides you with similar and even better features than iDVD. Apple has its own prospective and expensive or free-but-limited solution, but I won't stand by Apple's side this time. Download iDVD alternative now.

Idvd 7 Download Free Mac Os X

Only $49.00

Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac Testimonial

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Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it, and how do I install it?

You will also see IDLE in the /Applications.Next method will show you how to install Python 3.x on a Mac through Homebrew. The installation process is very fast;. When Python 3 is installed, you will see the Python3 folder in /Applications on your Mac. C compiler (if compiling fromsource) Youneed a C compiler supported by setuptools, gccwill work fine onUNIX-like platforms. This is not needed on Windows if using thecompiled packages provided. On...

Apple assumes that the entire world has access to fast broadband (and are prepared to pay for the considerable bandwidth usage) and wants to distribute home movies to friends and relatives via download (iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, whatever) rather than mailing them a DVD, but of course not all users in all countries have such broadband access.

You can complain via Apple’s Feedback link, perhaps suggesting that Apple could have provided a choice between burning DVDs and distributing home movies by other means. You may feel that Apple should offer greater choice in how you destribute family videos or photos to distant relatives and friends, and should not assume that every user is prepared to pay for the excessive bandwidth usage charged by ISPs for huge downloads from the App Store:

Whilst Macs with a Superdrive continue to be able to burn video DVDs, the software for so doing, iDVD, is no longer included in the iLife bundle that came with OS 10.7 Lion and beyond. And iDVD is no longer included in the iLife 11 from the online Apple Store: As there is no satisfactory substitute for iDVD, your only solution is to look on Amazon or eBay and try to get an older version that includes iDVD 7, i.e. iLife version 9 onwards. You should also do this if you plan to buy a new Mac anytime soon, as stocks of iLife that include iDVD will not be available for ever.

(The vastly more expensive FCPX can burn a DVD without iDVD or DVD Studio Pro involvement, but lack the themes etc of iDVD. Also, of course, there is Roxio Toast, which is the best software for burning anything but again does not offer the flexibility of iDVD.)

It is worth noting that the version of iDVD 7 included with iLife 11 only includes themes from iDVD 5-7. If you want all the older themes you should buy iLife 9, which has the same version of iDVD 7 but with all the themes, which none of the iDVD 7 updaters available from Apple Downloads include.

Currently the only certain way to get all themes is to start with the iLife 09 disc:

This shows the iDVD contents in the iLife 09 disc via Pacifist:

You then can upgrade from iDVD 7.0.3 to iDVD 7.1.2 via the updaters at the Apple Downloads webpage.

But even though you can still buy iLife 9 or 11 that includes iDVD 7 from Amazon, Apple now make it difficult to install:

When you try to install iDVD you may see a notice come up on the screen stating that the 'Authorisation Licence' had expired on 25 March 2012, because Apple have withdrawn the license to it can no longer be used.

In other words Apple have declared iDVD as redundant and have made it difficult to install, but there is a workaround:

If you get an invalid certificate message just set your Mac's clock to sometime before early 2011 and run the installer. After installing iDVD reset the time back to the correct time on your Mac.


You may be to use able to use the installer even without setting back the date. Just click on the Continue button and it should work as expected, but for some it will not continue unless the date is set back.

Additional comments:

Apple has phased out optical disc drives on all new Macs, offering an external USB Superdrive as an option for users who need one but which is not universally compatible with all Macs.

Users may have fewer need to use optical drives, as the bulk of third party software is now available as a digital download either directly from the vendor or through Apple's App Store. but not all. Apple sees digital distribution as the future of music and movies, as exemplified in Apple TV, which has never included an optical drive.

The company has never supported any new HD optical disc formats on its products, including Microsoft's ill fated HD-DVD or Sony's Blu-ray format, despite initially being involved in the Blu-ray standardization process. Instead, Apple has put its resources behind developing increasingly higher definition audio and video formats that it can distribute electronically through its own iTunes Store.

And if you think Microsoft are any better, their latest Windows 8 operating system will not play DVDs, or burn them, unless customers buy an extra upgrade, the company has announced:

In other words, computer manufacturers have declared optical media as dead, long before consumers are ready to stop using them, which is fine as long as they offered us a choice, but they won’t even do that. Flexibility and intuitive use of a computer seems to be a thing of the past.

Free Idvd 7 Download

Idvd Update For Mac

But they still include iMovie for making a lower quality versions for YouTube etc.