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GTA Liberty City Free Download PC game setup with a single and direct download link. It is an action game in which the player has to discover the whole city and rule it. GTA Liberty City PC Game Overview. GTA Liberty City was developed by Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North and it was Published by Rockstar North. It was released on 25 October 2005.

GTA: San Andreas Liberty City is a mod for the mythical GTA: San Andreas whose objective is to turn the city upside down to turn it into nothing more or less than the original GTA III, and the first of the saga to be in 3D.. one that brings back so many memories.
So, once you install this modification, you can do tons of things that in the day you weren’t able to do but now can with San Andreas, such as swim, climb, fly a jetpack, go to restaurants and eat food, or change clothes.
Morover, although it’s not especially noteworthy, different graphic improvements have been added that make the game much more enjoyable today. Among them is the new shadow system, which adds a whole new depth to the graphic design.
GTA: San Andreas Liberty City is a brilliant mod for San Andreas, as it will allow you to enjoy practically an entirely new game with one of the most charismatic protagonists of the franchise and a completely new city.

While Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was originally released for the PSP, it is the PlayStation 2 version of the game that I am looking at today. This was a huge hit and a big deal on the PSP, but the PlayStation 2 version which was released as a budget title really late in the console’s life (2006) actually sold phenomenally well.

Welcome To Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories takes place in Liberty City and the city is actually very similar to how it was in Grand Theft Auto III. The game is set before the events of GTA III. You play as Toni Cipriani a man who has been in hiding after killing a made man and who is now back in Liberty City trying to move up the ranks of the underworld. As you would expect, things are not smooth sailing and there are betrayal and a lot of bloodshed. In all honesty, in comparison to the other PS2 GTA games, III, Vice City, and San Andreas. I must say that the story this game is telling is not as engaging or as epic. However, to be fair as a PSP game the story is great and ideal for a smaller scale GTA story.


Best Of Both Worlds

While the game is set before GTA III. I like how they have put a few of the elements that San Andreas and Vice City had in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. For example, you can go into more buildings that you would think, you can ride motorbikes and there is a lot of clothing to deck yourself out with.I also feel that this PS2 version does control better than it did on the PSP. The camera especially feels a lot smoother this time around. Speaking of smoother the PS2 version has faster load times and the draw distance seems a lot better than it did on the PSP. It does lose the ability for multiplayer and the ability for custom soundtracks that were on the PSP. Which is a bit of a bummer as the soundtrack in this game repeats a lot!

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Gta Liberty City Stories Download Mac

Do What You Want

The missions that you will be doing in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories are what you would expect from a GTA game. Some are very, very easy and some are super frustratingly hard. The game plays it very safe with the missions if you ask me. One thing that you will notice is that the missions are rather short.This is not because the dev team was lazy. Remember this was originally designed for the PSP so the missions are made to be shorter for quicker on the go bursts of gaming.

Gta Liberty City Download

While it may not be as celebrated as Vice City or San Andreas. I will say that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a game I have had a lot of fun with. I have played both versions of the game and for me, the quicker load times alone make the PlayStation 2 version of the game the better one.


Gta Liberty City Pc Download


  • It is fun to play
  • Going on a rampage is still a lot of fun
  • The load times are better than they were on PSP
  • It also looks a bit sharper too
  • For a budget title, it has a ton of content


  • No multiplayer like on the PSP
  • The game is not as grand in scale as other GTA games
Overall rating: 8