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GIMP is an open-source photo editing tool that delivers a decent finished product. Like other graphics programs, you’ll find an interface equipped with a wide range of features designed for image manipulation.

Sharpen your skills

The great flexibility of this program brings the downside that basic and advanced tasks are complicated to complete.

For a free program, you’ll be pleased to see that GIMP has the basics of photo editing covered, with special effect filters, selection tools, a paintbrush, color replacer, and many more. Your editing has advanced capabilities too, with channel manipulation, layer masks, and other advanced features.

As it is an open-source program, it will appeal to those who know how to code and want to extend and change GIMP. This brings some considerable barriers for novice editors. You’ll need at least a month to get to grips with the basics, so it isn’t a fast solution. You'll find that you can’t make the most of the program from the outset. You’ll need to be self-taught too, as GIMP doesn't come with tutorials.

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The chosen interface doesn't help you with the learning process, as many of the most important tools are hidden in menus. Implementing each change takes seconds, which when you add it up makes for a slow editing process. For this reason, professional photographers might not like the time required of the finished result obtained with these tools.

Where can you run this program?

GIMP requires macOS 10.9 Maverick or above.

Is there a better alternative?

Gimp 2.6 free download windows

Yes. Photoshop will be easier to pick up, can do more, and is the industry standard. However, it’s significantly more expensive than GIMP.

Our take

GIMP has some great features, and if you prefer open source and want to take the time to learn all of the commands and activities of photo editing, then you’ll enjoy the program. For fast and professional results, you won’t obtain everything you need.

Should you download it?

No. If you want fast and intuitive photo editing and don’t know how to code, you should pick another program.

Gimp 2.6 Free Download Windows


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