TalkHelper (Windows) TalkHelper is free software for windows that records audio and video.

Skype Recorder is software used to record calls for Skype, which is a popular program that enables people around the world to communicate through video and audio calls, instant messaging. It is the most convenient platform for those who are miles apart and want to keep in touch with their friends as well as good for business, conferences and so much more.

Sometimes, there are thousand reasons to record calls let’s say an interview, since they help you to flash back on how it went but you are not able to because Skype doesn’t support recording calls.

Therefore, we discuss the great apps that make it so simple to record your calls on different platforms, be it windows, MAC or android, they will give you all the functionality you have been looking for. All it requires you is to get recording app correct information, and you will be ready.

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TalkHelper (Windows)

TalkHelper is free software for windows that records audio and video conversations automatically. It records within as it captures and saves every video frame during a call. People who like efficient software know exactly what TalkHelper is capable of doing. It supports all windows and will record both incoming and outgoing in high quality. Enable TalkHelper after installation and you will be sorted in every way, all Skype calls you make will be saved automatically.

The service comes in two versions, the free version which will be limited for a few days and the premium version; If you want to have a blast with this tool, I suggest you to get the second one, but you will have to spend some cash on it.


  • It records both Skype calls slickly from the moment you start and not until you stop.
  • TalkHelper does not need too much effort, once you click, both voicemails and messages will be saved.
  • Recording does not get any better when you have TalkHelper, its button is ever on. You just have to press and record away.
  • All calls are recorded in high quality.


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  • You won’t get any warnings because there is no sound for it.

Pamela (Windows)

Free Skype Recorder Mac Download Windows 10

Pamelais modern call recorder for Skype that comes in four disparate editions; Basic, Business, Call Recorder and Professional. For the free trial version, you have to use Pamela Basic which offers you Skype calls limited for only 15 minutes. Then if you want unlimited recording, the professional version will play the part on that, not only will it offer you calls but also will be in position to forward your emails, podcast and blog support plus personalization

Now download Pamela and login to Skype, after you will have to launch it for it to automatically start capturing your Skype calls.


  • Records both Skype calls at the same time.
  • It also records Skype chat which is a cool thing.
  • It comes with automatic chat reply, just in case you go away from your computer.
  • Records Skype calls in super high quality


  • It is very expensive to upgrade
  • The computer will be poky
  • Windows XP is excluded

iFree Skype Recorder (Windows)

Have you been wondering if there’s an absolutely free Skype call recorder for Windows? There’s what they call iFree recorder. It is known as the first free software for video recording without any restrictions. It has a simple interface that will allow you to record Skype conversations in all angles like Record audio only, Record other side only and Record all side.

It records automatically, so download iFree Skype recorder to enjoy unlimited video recording at a zero cost fee.

Skype Free Download For Laptop


  • It keeps all the recorded history.
  • It is free of charge
  • It auto replies when you leave the PC


  • It is heavy and takes a lot of space.
  • It won’t record the video if the other party is using audio.

Evaer (Windows)

Evaer is a simple and easy to install program which produces good quality recordings. You do not have to configure it after installation; it will just connect to Skype immediately and let you start your Skype call recordings automatically in different modes like self Adaptive and picture in picture or you can still press the red button.

Skype For Mac Pro

Second and equally important, you will have to overall master volume when having Skype calls because Evaer does not automatically return audio levels.


  • Records high quality sound.
  • It is easy to install and does not take long


  • It does not support editing.
  • It is heavy, so you need enough space on your laptop.
  • It does not capture prolonged calls.

MP3 Skype Recorder (Windows)

MP3 Skype Recorder is easy to run and handy for windows PC, this program works equally as Pamela. It is perfect when it comes to recording Skype calls and stores them as high quality MP3 on your desktop. It is multifunctional in so many ways for example; it can record an incoming and the ongoing calls in separate files at a go making it so flexible to work with and automatically record audio and video calls too. Below is some of its cons and pros you need to know.


  • Both recordings are allowed( Manual & Automatic)

Skype Call Recorder Mac Free Download


  • It stops recording when the conversation is long.
  • There is a limitation with the free trial version

Amolto Call Recorder (Windows)

Amolto is user oriented software that works pretty well with Skype. This program launches automatically the minute OS is booted and it will start its job of recording both audio and video Skype conversations automatically without restrictions attached. It is compatible with windows PC and comes in two versions.

It has the free version which is strictly for recording audio calls in high quality and then the Premium version which will serve you both audio and video unlimited calls. So, the free one gives you a taste or sample of what to expect when you upgrade.


  • It allows you to add notes on any recorded call.

Vodburner (Mac)

Vodburneris free software for Mac which is extremely amazing with its features; this tool works even without Skype on your Mac because it’s built in the app and 1.0 version is the most frequently downloaded by its users and so we recommend it. If you are a new user trying out Vodburner, you just need to sign in and it starts recording calls automatically when conversations begin.

However, it has some limitations if you are using the trial version which is always free, and some of the limits will be recoding for only 14 days and also the video will be watermarked, but if you don’t mind getting the paid version. Then you can enjoy it even more without restrictions.

CallNote (Mac)

CallNote is free and simple to manage software which supports Mac and Windows. It will start recording your Skype calls the moment you begin a call and ends it.

CallNote comes in two types, CallNote professional and CallNNote Premium; Jumpstart typing download for mac.

CallNote Premium of course has more to offer because it is paid for and here is what it makes it more valuable;

  • It records both video and audio Skype calls
  • It allows to track screen shots during a call.
  • It records up to 8 members at the same time as well as stores their names and call time.

Ecamm (Mac)

Ecamm is a simple plug-in tool that automatically connects to Skype once installed. This software will begin to work once you press the record button.

It is good for professional use such interviews and podcasts because it is satisfactory for Skype calls recording. Most importantly is the service that it offers like the editing features. So go ahead and download it on your Mac.

CV Recorder (Android)

CV Recorder as its name suggests is free and trustable to use software that is available on Google Play. This tool is different from the rest because it lets you record videos from different platforms such as from Viber, phone call and of course Skype videos as well as share them. With CV-Recorder every time is perfect time for recording for those who enjoy storing memories since it is malfunctioned.


Hopefully, I have convinced you that call recording is not as complicated and hard as you may think, as long as you experiment them first before making quick decisions. Great software will always make it really easy for you to set up automated call recordings on your computer and will be able to give all the functionality you need.