XML Viewer software – All you need to access, view, edit XML files

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XML viewer softwares come in handy when you have to view files that have .xml extension which is essentially a web file. XML viewer softwares help you in editing and viewing these files easily. These softwares have designed to meet your requirement of making changes in .xml extension files like deleting or adding content etc.

These softwares are small in size and therefore work efficiently if installed on computer. XML viewer software, free download is easily available online.

Code Beautify

Code Beautify is simple and efficient XML viewer online software. One can upload the .xml file for formatting, validating, converting, exporting and saving them according to your requirement. Code Beauitfy is considered as the best data storing and transferring medium available on the web. It also lets you save and share the edited files.

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XML Grid

XML Gris is another powerful online editor that lets you view and edit XML file easily. Following few simple steps one can either load the file from the computer or use URL or copy paste the text in the online editor to perform editing. The simple and user friendly interface makes the viewing and editing work faster and a lot easier.

Mind Fusion XML Viewer

A completely free Software thalt lets you perform various functions like opening, creating, editing as well as saving the .xml files easily. The software is small in size therefore does not slows down your computer after installation. It provides drag and drop option to open any XMl file easily and quickly.

Download Xml Pad For Mac

Nice Tutor

Nice Tutor is easy to use XML Viewer online software. It offers useful features that make viewing and editing .xml files easier. One can copy and paste the text to be viewed in the online text editor and perform editing tasks. The software performs actions like removing of tags and revealing of text of files that have been copy and pasted onto the online editor.


Free Formatter

As the name suggest this XML viewer software is free online software to handle XML files easily. The software has features like indentation pattern that gives you best readability. One can choose the indentation level according to the requirement and examine the uploaded files easily. One can either copy and paste the text in the online editor box or can use URL for opening the file.

XML Explorer

XML Explorer is XML viewer software, free download is easily available online. The software is lightweight and performs XML file viewing and editing tasks quickly. The software can handle big files even up to 300MB. The software has all useful features such as viewing, exploring, editing, validating, evaluating and much more to examine and edit XML files.

Download Xml Pad For Mac Download

Open XML Viewer

This is powerful software that has amazing features that lets you handle .xml file easily. The software is available for free download online. This software make your viewing, editing and .xml file related tasks faster and easier. The software has open source Microsoft Public License that enables anyone for submitting feedback, bugs and using its tools.


Altova Xml Viewer is a software loaded with amazing features like text view for easy viewing of XML Code, tools for line numbering, syntax coloring, bookmarking, tree view, pretty painting, grid view, XML validation and much more to perform XML viewing and editing quicker and easier. The software is available for free download.

XML Beautifier

As the name suggests the software help you beautify your XML file easily through online formatting options. One can either upload the file from the computer or use the URL. The option of copy and paste is also available for putting the text to the online editor. This XMLviewer online software is simple and easy to use.

What is XML Viewer Software?

XML viewer softwares serve the purpose of viewing file with .xml extension. These files are web file that are both human and computer readable. As these files are web files, they cannot view if you do not have XML viewer software installed to your computer. These softwares help you in easy viewing as well editing any .xml files. These softwares come very handy when you have to add, delete or edit any content in the .xml file. The softwares are not very big or heavy and therefore run smoothly on your computer and let you view and edit web files fast and easy.

The XML viewer softwares are available for all major operating system like Microsoft Windows, MAC and Linux. If you do not wish to install the XML viewer software you can also opt for XML viewer online, that help you in viewing, editing, validating and exporting files on the internet itself.

How to Install XML Viewer Software?

Installing any XML viewer software is more than easy. It needs only few steps to get the software installed and have it ready for use. Just click on the ‘Download’ link of the from the website of the host software and your download will begin, if the autonomous download does not start in few seconds after clicking on the link than the option for manual download is also available. Once the download finishes, you can open the software and start using all its features. A shortcut icon is created on the desktop once the file is installed and ready for use.

XML Viewer Software: The Need and Uses

If you are thinking why you need XML viewer software anyway, then here are the reasons that will push you to download one for sure:

  • Lets you open .xml extension files which cannot be viewed if you do not have XML file viewer software.
  • Lets you edit the .xml files easily
  • Lets you add and delete content of any .xml file.
  • Lets you save files in popular file formats like XSL, PDF, ZIP, TXT, XSD etc
  • XML viewer softwares are mostly small in but are capable of handling multiple file editing.
  • Features like syntax highlighting which can be switched on and off according to the requirement, also make these software very useful.
  • XML files are encoded; these codes are readable by both computer and humans. One can edit these codes if the
  • XML viewer software is installed on the computer. These softwares are available online easily and most them are available for free.

Mitech XML Viewer : The Best Free XML Viewer Software for Windows

Mitech works best with Windows operating system and offers features that make .xml viewing and editing easier and faster. The software enables you to get complete details of XML file that can be examined for editing. It also comes with features like specific data inspector and syntax highlighting. The software lets you open and edit multiple .xml files at once.

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Axel : The XML Viewer Software Exclusively for Android

Axel has been designed for android devices to make viewing and editing of .xml files easier. The software lets you open, edit, save and create files smoothly. The software has syntax highlighting and input validation features. The software is easy has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to install and run on the android device as it is very lightweight.

MOSO Xmplify : Free XML Viewer software for MAC

MOSO Xmplify is simple to use software especially designed for MAC operating system. The XML viewer MAC software has features like XML editor, automatic verification of documents, node documentation, Schema derivation which is automatic, web preview and much more to simplify editing of .xml files. The software has a trial version and one can buy the software to access all its features.

More XML Viewer Softwares to try!

If you are techno savvy then you can also try XML viewer softwares like Gedit, XRay XML editor, Bonfire Studio, XML Fox, XML Spear, Babel Pad, Wolf Web Editor Pro, Alternate Text Browser, Mega Editor, Arachnophilia, Rj TextEd, AMA Text Tool, Xin Editor, SciTE, Rejbrand Text Editor, Extreme Editor, Flash Develop and many more XMl Viewer software, free download is Available Online.

XML Viewer Plus: The Most Popular XML Viewer Software of 2016

XML Viewer Plus is the most popular and downloaded XML viewer software of 2016. The fact that the software offers powerful yet simple tools to handle viewing, editing and saving .xml files make it the first choice of every user. The interactive and easy to use interface lets you have full control over the software’s tools.

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