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Hatch AutoCAD Download Free download and install Hatch patterns for 2d Autocad of different shapes and textures to insert into your architectural plans. Select a category and download the hatchs 2d patterns available, all files are for direct download and free.pat format. There are repeating textures of stone, wood, and other materials suitable for Photoshop, SketchUp. 3DS Max and Adobe Illustrator. Free Linetypes. Click here to access our Free Hatch Pattern Collection Browse the collection and download the free CAD hatch patterns and custom linetypes you need. AutoCAD - How to Hatch with Images. This site has more than 300 free hatch patterns to download; organized into categories of wood, stonework, brick, roof tile, trees, gravel, vegetation and many other types of hatch patterns. IN AutoCAD Hatch Patterns, CAD Software We offer 41 unique wood and stone AutoCAD hatch patterns for all versions of AutoCAD including LT.

If you are using AutoCAD for the Mac OSX you can also install either our 365 Hatch Patterns (also called 100 Plus) or our custom Wood and Stone hatch patterns.

Both Libraries will install on the Mac – Please note: you will not have a pull down – instead you will have thumbnails accessible within the Hatch dialog itself.

Feel free to contact us for more info about our 2 popular hatch library add-ons which contain hundreds of additional patterns for AutoCAD.

Wood Grain Hatch For Autocad

Please follow these steps below to install the Wood and Stone Library:

1) If you have a acad.pat file from your Windows version of AutoCAD it is recommend to make a backup of it before starting.

2) Next browse to “~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/roaming/AutoCAD 2011/R18.1/enu/Support/”

3) Locate the Mac acad.pat file and to rename it to acad-pat.old.

4) Copy the original hatch pattern file from step 1 above into the Mac folder in step 2

You can also use our 365 Hatch Patterns with your existing hatch patterns for the Mac. (see below)

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Please follow these steps below to install the 365 Hatch Pattern Library:

1) Create a new folder on your Mac for your 365 Hatch Pattern Library. This can be a subfolder under support called Hatch (~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/roaming/AutoCAD 2011/R18.1/enu/Support/Hatch”


2) As in Windows you will also need to add a path within your AutoCAD Preferences dialog. Choose Tools then Options to access the File Search Path dialog. Pick Add and then browse to the new path to add it to the list.

3) If all is setup correctly you will see your 365 Hatch Patterns after choosing the Custom Tab located in the Hatch Pattern dialog.

Download Wood Hatch Autocad Macromedia

We offer these hatching programs right here at SimpleCAD:

Autocad Wood Grain Hatch Download

  • Hatch Manager (library also included)