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  1. Nov 17, 2018.
  2. These client download links do not work, and keep coming back saying Failed, at least on my laptop they do??I do not care about foreign languages, and just want the game clients, as Blizzard has decided, in their infinite quest for more cash, to make the clients provided on your account not work, unless you buy Reforged, which I do not want to do.
  3. Oct 06, 2018.
  4. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before.
We're excited to announce WC3Connect, a major improvement over ENT Connect that allows you to easily join ENT and MakeMeHost games using a desktop application.

Oct 15, 2016.

WarcraftIf you’ve updated your client, here are the WC3 1.30.1 client download links should you wish to use our services.
Game Download - Patch 1.30.1 : Does not include CD-keys
Warcraft iii for macWindows - Google Drive MEGA MegaUp
Mac - Google Drive Install instructions : Wiki OSX Install

Download Warcraft 3 Mac Client Installer

Note: Only launch the game via Warcraft III.exe as the Launcher.exe will update your client.
WC3Connect client download links
Download link for Windows: wc3connect.exe
Download link for Mac OS X:
Download link for Linux: wc3connect-amd64
Cross-platform Java version (use this if the .exe doesn't work): wc3connect.jar (you'll need to first get Java here)
Source code: WC3Connect-Java (Github)
Need help? Check the Wiki, a Youtube video, the FAQ, or Join our Discord
To get started:

Warcraft 3 Mac Download

  • Run wc3connect.exe
  • Create an account: type a username and password, then click the Sign Up button
  • Login: type the same username and password again, and press enter or click Login
  • Go to Autohost tab, and click on a game
  • Launch WC3, go to 'Local Area Network', and join the game

Please let us know if you have feedback or questions! Also check the Wiki.
Basic tips:

Wow Mac Download

  • There are four tabs: Public ( / MMH), ENT Autohost (e.g. DotA, Legion TD Mega), Others, and Unmoderated.
  • By default, several lobbies will be shown in the LAN gamelist, and it could be hard to find the desired game. If you click a game in the WC3Connect app, the Warcraft III LAN gamelist will only show that game.
  • Start WC3 from 'Warcraft III.exe', not the launcher. The launcher will update your WC3 past what is supported on ENT.