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Tidal, which is also known as TIDALHiFi, is a subscription based music streaming service that caters over 35 million audio tracks and 85 thousand music videos. It is one of the leading music streaming applications that focus on providing high quality tracks across the net. With its massive collection of songs and music videos, many users are searching for the easiest way for them to record Tidal music, which will give them the privilege to play these songs offline. There are various ways to record audio tracks from Tidal, and some of the best ways will be shown as this post continuous.

Workable Guides to Record Songs from Tidal

Option 1: Download HD Songs from Tidal

In downloading HD audio from Tidal, all you need is a powerful application called Streaming Audio Recorder. This app is capable of recording music stream with the same quality as the original one. It does not matter if it’s an audio or video track that is playing. As long as it has audio then this tool will surely captures it. This program features high quality audio recording, ID3 tag identifier, and an embedded audio converter. Moreover, this audio recorder has even more helpful functions that you can use like recording online radio stations, editing files, and searching MP3s and albums. Here’s how to utilize this Tidal recorder in detail.

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  1. Get this app by hitting the “Download” button below.
  2. Once it is installed, open the app and go to “Tools” – “Settings” and make some necessary adjustments like hotkeys, output format, etc. To achieve a high quality recording, change the output format to FLAC.
  3. Next is to go to Tidal’s page, looking for a certain audio track that you wish as play it.
  4. Now back to the tool’s recording interface instantly and click the red round button to start the recording process.
  5. To finish the recording, simply hit the red round button as well.

After recording a song, the software will auto add song title, artist, genre, year and other information to the file. The recorded file can then be played by clicking the “Play” icon on the bottom of main interface, or you can also get access to it from the “Library”.

Option 2: Free Record Music from Tidal

Tidal Music Downloader

Another tool that you can use to record Tidal music is Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. This is an online-based audio recorder that is capable of recording anything that is played on your Windows and Mac. By using this tool, you will be able to get unlimited recording time free of charge, with an option to choose from audio source that you want. Plus, this app has additional video converter and a task scheduler.

To download Tidal songs with this app, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go to Free Online Audio Recorder page and click “Start Recording” to launch the audio recorder.
  2. When the app is activated, select audio source from the “Audio Input” that you need. For further settings go to “Tools”, then “Options” to set the format, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  3. Play any song, music video or a playlist on Tidal.
  4. Open back the audio recorder and click the “Record” function.
  5. You will see the timer running on the interface, the file size, format and other info also will show. If needed, pause and stop the recording at will.
  6. The recorded audio file will then be placed to your destination folder, click “Open Folder” to find it.

This is a decent application with an easy to use interface. It’s also free of charge which is fantastic. On the other hand, this tool still has drawbacks that need to be improved such as lack of ID3 identifier, and it affects the audio quality when recording HD songs.

Comparison and Conclusion

Those are the simple ways to get Tidal music download. If we are going to make a comparison between the two programs, we can easily say that Streaming Audio Recorder has the edge due to its efficient functions like ID3 tag identifier, HD music recorder, built-in search bar and many more. But if you need to have a basic audio recorder without installing anything, then Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is still a fair application to use.

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Tidal is one of the best subscription-based Hi-Fi music streaming services which brings the ability to listen to unlimited music, download albums or playlists for offline use and more. It is available for PC and mobile devices and supports downloading music for offline listening. Tidal music and playlist are DRM protected and you can only play Tidal music on devices compatible with Tidal app. However, with a professional tool like Audfree, you can not only download Tidal songs for offline playback but also convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and M4B formats without losing the original audio quality.

Audfree Tidal Music Converter is a powerful Tidal music downloader and one of the best DRM removal software which allows you to download songs from Tidal library, removes DRM protection from all Tidal contents completely and convert Tidal music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B with high-quality preserved. Audfree Tidal Music Converter is available for both Windows and Mac.

Audfree Tidal Music Converter Features –


Audfree tidal music converter is not only let you convert the tidal music to different formats but also let you download songs and remove DRM from songs. You can check all the features of Audfree Tidal Music Converter from below.

1) Remove DRM

Audfree Tidal Music Converter let you Remove DRM from Tidal Music/Playlists Losslessly. Tidal applies DRM to all songs and playlists and let you listen to songs in its inbuilt player. But with Audfree Tidal you can get rid of DRM protection from all Tidal contents completely.

2) Convert Tidal Music


Audfree Tidal runs at 5X batch converting speed and with that, you can not only download Tidal songs for offline playback but also convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and M4B without losing the original audio quality. The tidal downloader also allows you to personalize output audio parameters, like bit rate, sample rate, audio channel, codec, etc.

3) Multiple Device Support

Audfree Tidal Music Converter is available for both Windows and Mac. Once you convert the music, you can play it on any smartphone, Portable MP3 players, Game consoles, or at Smart speakers.

4) UI and Conversion

The UI of Audfree Tidal converter is very neat and easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the software. It also allows you to convert and download the music in a fast manner up to 5X.

5) Professional Tech Support

Audfree support is top notch and if you found any difficulties using the software you get in touch with them. They provide free customer service for any problem within 24 hours via email support on workdays.

Download Tidal For Windows

How to Download and Convert Tidal music with AudFree Tidal Music Converter

1) Download and Install – First, you need to Download Audfree Tidal Music Converter for Windows or Mac from AudFree Official Website. The software is free to use and trial version can only convert the first 1 minute of each Tidal music. We recommend to Buy the software as its totally worth it. Once the download is complete, install it like any other software.

2) Select or Add the Music – You need to copy or select the single track or playlist you’re listening to or you want to convert. You can copy and paste the Tidal playlist link to the search box of AudFree or just click the ‘+’ button to load Tidal music.

Download Tidal Music App

3) Customize Output Audio Format – Once you choose the music, you can set output format like FLAC, WAV, AAC, MP3, etc. for exported Tidal files and customize other audio parameters, like bit rate, sample rate.

Download Tidal Music App

4) Download and Convert Tidal Songs – You can simply click on the Convert button at the bottom-right corner to start Tidal converting process. After conversion, you can locate all converted Tidal music downloads on the selected destination folder on your computer.

Download Tidal Music App Music

Wrapping Up –

Download Tidal Music To Macbook Pro

If you are looking for a way to remove DRM, Download or convert Tidal music, Audfree is the best option for you. The software is reliable, trusted, fast, and easy to use. The price is very reasonable and totally worth it.