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PSD files are Adobe Photoshop Documents used to store images created with Photoshop. The PSD file may contain image layers, layer masks, adjustment layers, annotation notes, file information, and other Photoshop elements. The PSD format is the default file format used by Adobe Photoshop, a popular image-editing application. Photoshop format supports RGB, CMYK, grayscale, duotone, monochrome, Lab color, indexed color, and multichannel color modes. The PSD file is one of the most popular file types used by graphic designers.

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PSD Viewer by IdeaMK is a free to use piece of software that will help you open and view your Photoshop PSD image files. Even though there is no version of PSD Viewer for Mac available on the developer's website, there are plenty of other tools that can help you open PSD files on Mac. Download free PSD Viewer. PSD Viewer is fast, small and compact freeware image viewer supported by all versions of Windows.

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File Viewer Lite is a FREE program that can open Adobe Photoshop .PSD files.


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File Viewer Lite is a free .PSD file opener that allows you to view the Photoshop image. In addition to the SAdobe Photoshop Document file, File Viewer Lite can open over 150 file types, including Digital Negative Image files, Canon Raw Image files, Sony Digital Camera Image files, Microsoft Word Documents, and more. You can also view unsupported proprietary document formats in the program's Text and Hex Views. These views display the contents of the document, which can provide useful information.

To view your PSD files, download our free file viewer and drag and drop the .PSD file onto the program window. File Viewer Lite will open the file and display the document.