Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers on the planet. However, it is not without its flaws. A lot of users have been complaining that Chrome keeps crashing on Mac. If you’re a Chrome user and facing issues running the browser on your Mac, then we’ve got some possible solutions for you.

Those who rely on Google’s services and the ecosystem, will obviously want to use Chrome on their Mac. Everything becomes easier after installing Chrome and switching it for Safari. Chrome crashing on Mac is not uncommon, and can be fixed easily. We’ve got a detailed troubleshooting guide for you, which offers possible fixes for Chrome crashing on your Mac. Let’s take a look at some of these fixes.

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Google Chrome Keeps Crashing on Mac? How to Fix the Issue

There could be several reasons as to why Chrome keeps freezing on your Mac computer. Although this isn’t a very common issue, some users do face it once in a while. For some, the browser crashes as soon as they click on the icon, while some complain about tabs not working or pages not loading.

Google Chrome eats RAM like there’s no tomorrow, so if your Mac computer is low on RAM, then that could be the issue why Chrome keeps crashing. If your Mac is good enough and still unable to run Chrome properly, then the problem is with the browser. I’ve listed some of the most common solutions below.

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#1. Clear Chrome Browsing Data on Mac

If your Chrome browser isn’t loading tabs or pages properly, then you should try to clear the browsing data. To do this, you will need to do the following:

Step #1. Open Chrome on your Mac and click on the three-dotted button on the top right corner of the Chrome browser. It’s located next to your profile picture.

Step #2. Select Settings and scroll down till you find the Advanced section.

Step #3. Find the Clear Browsing Data option and click on it.

Step #4. Select All time and clear all data. This will erase everything and is similar to a factory reset.

Step #5. Check if the browser works fine now.

#2. Check for Network Issues in macOS

It is possible that the Chrome browser keeps crashing due to network issues. If the network connection isn’t working properly, then you may experience issues with Chrome. Check if your Wi-Fi connection is working, and if it isn’t, then restart the router or try to connect to another network. Now check if the browser is loading properly.

#3. Quit Chrome and Restart Mac

If the Chrome browser is stuck, then you can try to Force Quit it and do a restart. To force quit Chrome, click on the Apple() logo in the Menu bar while you’re in the browser. Here, click on the option that says Force Quit.

If the mouse/trackpad isn’t responding, then you can press and hold down ‘Command+Option+Escape‘ keys on the keyboard. Select Google Chrome and force close the browser.

Problems With Google Chrome Browser

You might also want to restart your Mac just to make sure everything is running normally again. Try if Chrome is working properly now.

#4. Check Extensions on Chrome

At times, the issue could be related to a bad extension that you’ve installed on your Chrome browser. This may cause the browser to keep crashing. In this case, you will have to head over to the Extension manager and delete the faulty extension. To check the problem causing extension, open Chrome in Incognito mode and then enable each extension to check which one causes a crash. Incognito mode automatically disables all extensions, and is therefore the best way to find the culprit.

To open a new page in Incognito Mode, click on the three-dotted button and select ‘New Incognito Window‘.

Now head to More ToolsExtensions to remove the faulty extension.

#5. Check for Chrome Updates on Mac

Download Problems With Chrome MacDownload

You may also want to check if you’re running the latest version of the Chrome browser. Google usually pushes updates with bug fixes, hence, it is a good idea to check for updates. To see if you’re running the latest version of Chrome, click on the three-dotted button and then select HelpAbout Google Chrome. If any updates are available, you will see it on this page.

You should also try to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it to see if that fixes the problem. Sometimes, it could just be that the browser didn’t install properly the first time.

#6. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

Some users suggest turning off hardware acceleration if your Chrome browser is freezing or crashing all the time. This option is available in Settings, and can be disabled easily. To turn off the feature, navigate to SettingsAdvanced → and disable ‘Use hardware acceleration when available‘.

Summing Up

Those were some of the possible solutions that you can use to fix Google Chrome crashing issues on your Mac. Most of the time, it’s something simple that’s causing the browser to not function properly. Try out all the fixes above to see what works best for you.

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Were you able to solve Chrome issues using the above mentioned fixes?

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If you are also one of those users who are unable to change their search engines on Google Chrome on Mac, then you have stumbled on the right place.

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Users have claimed that there default search engine is changed to some website called ‘‘, and they are unable to get rid of it. This issue was reported by users a few months ago and it still seems to be hanging around for some.

You can read some of the reports below:

Chrome won’t let me change my default search engine back to google after it shut down unexpectedly. I’ve tried Malwarebytes and deleted everything that came up. All the other solutions I found online was for windows, but I have a Mac. I’d rather only reset my chrome settings as a last resort. Please help!!!


Unable to change default search engine in Chrome with
Ran Malwarebytes and Sophos Home, which said my Mac is clean—no virus


I don’t have a solution . . . only writing to say I’ve got the same problem–I’ve used Chrome for yearsss, and this just happened today. It seems “” has hijacked my google search engine. I tried two antivirus scans: malwarebytes and AGV; but neither did a thing. I also contacted Apple help and was on the phone with a tech person for 45 minutes, and they finally said, “Reach out to Google.” If Google/Chrome is listening . . . I’m on to other options and only to return if it is fixed.


Notably, this issue has been covered by various publications and was termed as adware. But it hasn’t been covered as a hindrance to changing the default search engine, which is from an end user’s perspective.

Fortunately, there is a workaround available for this issue. According to a Google Chrome community member, you just need to remove malicious profiles from System Preferences.

This worked for me.
1. Go to System Preferences
2. Profiles
3. Remove the anonymous profile/s


And according to some users, the trick to remove suspicious profiles from the System preferences has indeed removed the culprit ‘’ search engine.

Let us know in the comments below if you also faced a similar issue with Chrome on Mac and whether this workaround got you out of it or not?

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