Apr 27, 2016.

Exploring the Martian surface is limited to data provided from NASA, but that's not much of a limitation considering that it's unlikely that most of us will ever get to visit the Red Planet. In addition to Earth cartography, you can also check out Google Ocean, historical Earth maps, and the surface of one of our closest neighbors, Mars.The oceanic maps provide the capability to plunge to the floor of the sea, view exclusive content from the BBC and National Geographic, and explore shipwrecks like the Titanic in 3D. Accessible enough for casual users, Google has added features that make it a necessity for those whose topographic desires are more serious. Controls live on a top toolbar and a left-side navigation window that lets you quickly jump between different views and locations. Switching between Google Earth, Sky, and Mars can be done from the menu bar or from the planet icon on the toolbar.Most of the interface's real estate displays a rendering of the globe, which can zoom in on a satellite image of your destination once you've keyed it in. Download

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Thank you for using our Mac software library. Sorry, but Friendly for Pinterest for Mac does not have a direct download. Use the link below and download the required product from the App Store.


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Install the Pinterest browser button to Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to save ideas from anywhere on the web.

Minecraft skin viewer download mac. This application will show the skins in 3D, is enough to have the original file.Seek the best skins for Minecraft and loaded into the application to quickly assess them!

Install on Chrome

  1. Go to the Chrome web store page
  2. Click Get our browser button
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Install on Firefox

  1. Go to the Firefox Browser Add-ons page
  2. Click Add to Firefox
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Install on Microsoft Edge

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store page
  2. Click Get
  3. The Microsoft Store app should open and start downloading the Pinterest browser button

Use the browser button

  1. Click the red Pinterest icon at the top of your browser whenever you find something on the web you want to save
  2. Click Save on the top-left corner of a Pin you want to save
  3. Select a board you want to save the Pin to

Download Pinterest Free For Mac Os

If you’re having trouble with the Pinterest browser button, read our troubleshooting tips.