Installing Panopto for Mac

Videos you create and videos shared with you will appear here. Record your first video by clicking 'Create' at the top of the page. To install Panopto for Mac, please use the installation instructions here: How to Download and Install Panopto for Mac. Once Panopto is installed, log into your video library and click on the Create button at the top of your page. Select Record a New Session(Fig.

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On May 29th, users will be require to upgrade to the 6.0 version of the recording. Please use this help for instructions.

Note You may need administrator access on your computer to install Panopto. Please contact your department IT Pro for this access.

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Quality: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 recommended. Panopto for Mac 5.0 is expected to work on most Mac systems running Mac OSX version 10.11. This includes a Primary audio and video stream and a single secondary video (screen capture) with the quality level set to the default ‘Standard Resolution’.€Note: Standard Quality is roughly equivalent. Panopto comes complete with dedicated video recording and live streaming solutions for Windows, Mac, and iOS. It’s the only video presentation software that can handle virtually any recording task, no matter how simple or complex.

  1. From your Canvas site, click the Panopto Videos button in your course navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Create button and select Record a new session (see Fig. 1) from the dropdown menu.
    Figure 1: Select Record a new session in the dropdown menu.
    Click the Download Panopto button in the popup window (see Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Click the Download Panopto button.
  3. Save the .pkg recorder file to your computer.
  4. After the download is complete, click on the .pkg file to run the installation wizard. The file is most likely in your Downloads folder (see Fig. 3).
    Figure 3: Opening the Panopto package file from the Downloads folder in the Doc.
  5. Click the Continue button (see Fig. 4) in the Install Panopto Recorder window.
    Figure 4: Click the Continue button to allow Panopto to install on your computer. Administrator access may be required to complete this step.
  6. Click through the wizard to the Install Software button. Enter your username and password for the computer and click the button.
  7. After Panopto is installed, click the Move to Trash button.
  8. In the Panopto screen that appears (see Fig. 4), enter your PawPrint ID and password in the login fields.
    Figure 4: Enter your Mizzou Pawprint ID and password in the fields.

Minimum system requirements and additional instructions are available at

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Panopto is a video platform teachers can use to create course materials. Teachers can create asynchronous materials like video recordings, lecturing with PowerPoint or Keynote, and other video inputs like document cameras. Live streaming is also available for synchronous lecture capture and one-way audio/video delivery to students.

Get started

How to download & install Panopto to create videos

How to create course materials using Panopto

How to share course materials with students using Canvas

Attend a live workshop

Attend a live workshop co-facilitated by the iSchool IT Lab and the Faculty Innovation Center. This is the best way to get help with any specific questions or issues you have with Panopto.
Find upcoming workshops here.

Watch tutorials on Panopto

Learn at your own pace by watching the tutorials created by the iSchool IT Lab. This is the best way to get started with Panopto.

Watch these tutorials: iSchool IT Lab’s Panopto Playlist

Learn more about an easy transition to online teaching

Students and instructors are transitioning to new environments both in their education and in life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the best things instructors can do is make their content accessible to students at any time with asynchronous technologies.

Download Panopto Video For Mac Windows 7

Students can watch lectures when they have good internet connection, rewind or slow down confusing content, and work around their new availability. From blocking off more time to go grocery shopping to helping their family stay healthy, this is new territory for everyone. We are here to help you make it easy on your students by offering quick and basic tutorials on all your Panopto needs.

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What is Panopto and why would I use it?

Panopto is similar to YouTube but for education. There are no ads and you control your video’s privacy. Panopto is the best way to record asynchronous lectures and class materials.

Panopto easily integrates with tools like Canvas and allows you to create new materials or upload existing content to their platform. There are many features including captions, an indexed table of contents, and searchable text which are all automatically generated and can be managed in its cloud-based video content-management library.

Is Panopto free? What do I need to do to gain access?

Panopto is not free but the University of Texas at Austin has made it available to all faculty and students. Teachers can access Panopto through Canvas and make videos available to students in their Canvas course. Other university faculty and staff can still access Panopto directly (here), as long as they have an EID.

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Watch this tutorial: Basic Navigation within Canvas

Once you’re ready to start creating videos you can either use Panopto Capture or download the Panopto software (this will require an admin password on a university-owned computer).

Watch this tutorial: Using Panopto Capture
Watch this tutorial: Install Panopto on Mac, Install Panopto on Windows

Can my students use Panopto?

Students can use Panopto to create their own videos as assignments when this feature is enabled by the instructor.

Watch this tutorial: How to give students access to Panopto

Does Panopto have the features I need?

✔ Record all types of content
  • Record with Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Record multiple inputs simultaneously (e.g. your desktop and yourself)
  • Video Broadcast live through “Webcast” for synchronous learning
✔ Create engaging course materials
  • Add quizzes to videos
  • Add Youtube videos within your recording
  • Have discussions in the video player
  • Edit material before it’s viewed
✔ See student participation
  • See who has viewed videos and for how long
  • Access real-time reports of quiz responses from students
  • Link quizzes to the Canvas grade book for attendance or assignments
✔ Control sharing
  • Set default viewing permissions for different folders
  • Allow videos to be downloaded
  • Set audience restrictions and viewing periods
  • Embed in Canvas, modules, syllabi, etc.
  • Share via email and links
✔ Accessible
  • Automatic captions
  • Search inside videos for any word spoken or shown on-screen
  • Automatic table of contents from slide headings
  • Video playback from 0.5x-2.0x the speed
  • Allow downloads for offline viewing
✔ Student Use
  • Enable students to create video projects, presentations, and final projects
  • Students can take time-stamped notes and bookmark sections
  • Use discussions to address questions

How do I get started?

As a part of the University of Texas at Austin, faculty have access to Panopto through their Canvas course. The IT Lab’s Panopto Guide will take you through 3 easy steps to get you on your way— just start here!

More Questions?

Attend a live workshop co-facilitated by the iSchool IT Lab and the Faculty Innovation Center. This is the best way to get help with any specific questions or issues you have with Panopto.
Find upcoming workshops here.

Please make sure to look at each tutorial listed in our 3-step How-To Guide. We primarily support the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Information, but will always try to help. You can contact us via the form below but please keep in mind our current availability may be limited.