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Lighthearted and strategic, Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital collectible card game (CCG). Originally released in 2014, it has gone on to become a hugely popular game where users can battle friends, select a random opponent, or participate in solo adventures. Aim to bolster your personal card deck, either by working through the ranks and achieving reward packs or by purchasing packs yourself. In game play, two opponents take turns attempting to destroy each other’s assigned 'Hero'. Each hero has a unique power and each game is an adventure with randomly drawn cards and trades.

This game is an excellent option for those who enjoy collectible card games and battle games without all the hype of running through worlds, building forts, or chasing and killing one another. It is a fun and mild game that is easy to learn and easily addictive. Check this game out if you want a break from a crazy day, to unwind with friends or make new ones, and develop skills and a strategic mindset.

Hearthstone's objective and features

With a low learning curve and addictive quality, Hearthstone’s strategic nature make it a fun game for anyone.

After a simple installation, launch a new game in Hearthstone and find an ornate looking box on your screen, begging to be opened. Click to open it and receive a surprise of free cards right off the bat. As you play, you will naturally receive and gain more cards in your basic card set. A tutorial launches right away as well, relaying your first trial mission. Once you’ve made it through the tutorial game, you are greeted with a main menu offering the options 'Play' and 'Solo Adventures'.

The ability to 'Open Packs' and access 'My Collection' can be found on the toolbar along the bottom of the screen. Access your quest log on the bottom left of your screen to receive your first Hearthstone quest. Once you win five games in practice mode, you will be awarded a classic pack and two additional quests. Playing in 'Play Mode' versus 'Practice Mode' is where you will gain the most experience and play against other human beings.

Stack up against the rest of the player community

On the upper right of your user interface, check out your user ranking. Don’t get discouraged that your number will start out high, this easy-to-learn game will have you playing up through the ranks before you know it. Starting out at rank 50 (standard beginner’s rank) ensures you are playing against other Hearthstone newbies, not putting you out of your league. Each time you make your way through the ranks in multiples of five (rank 45, 40, 35, 30, etc.), three classic packs will be awarded to you for free, which in Hearthstone, is a big deal. Hit the rank 25 threshold, and receive an additional 10 classic packs. This is where momentum truly picks up and you find yourself learning faster, playing better, and earning a ton of awards along the way.

When you jump into your first game at Rank 50, a slot machine style spinner pops up to find you an opponent with the same skill level. The interface shows an intricately designed 'card table' with interesting graphics in each corner. The UI makes it easy to tell when it is your turn versus your opponent. The good news for beginners is that in the beginning ranks, you cannot lose stars no matter how many times you lose.

Users can always purchase card packs to literally 'stack their deck'. However, with all the packs new users receive as they climb the ranks, many say this is not necessary to have a good time and win some games. This can, however, lead to a perceived (and sometimes actual) disadvantage to those unwilling to enhance their decks with 'boosters'.Players use simple drag-and-drop controls to make their moves. The graphics are stellar, and the audio element is well executed. The basic strategy of the game is to reduce your opponent’s life down to zero. With four different card types, users can cast spells, use weapons, attack with minions, and employ heroes. Users can access support via Hearthstone’s website. There you will find a user forum, technical support, payments FAQs, and account and in-game support. Users can browse informational articles or contact support directly.

Where can you run this program?

Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Is there a better alternative?

One of the closest games by comparison is a game called Magic. Its origins are in an actual physical card game, it has 26 years of history, and is much more complex. Hearthstone was developed specifically for digital play, making it more intuitive and providing slightly more features for that reason. Both games are based on the need to acquire mana (kind of like power), to play in an attempt to reduce your enemy’s life and win the game. Mana is a given in Hearthstone, providing you with more each turn. In Magic, mana is based on the cards you draw. Creature combat is different in Magic as well, opening up different opportunities. All in all, Magic relies slightly more on luck than Hearthstone does, so if you’re looking for a more strategy-driven game, Hearthstone is a better pick.

Our take

Hearthstone is an excellent download for gamers looking for a fun, new, digital collectible card game. If you love the process of diving into a new game, learning it, and rising through the ranks, then download Hearthstone. If strategy overwhelms you or you do not enjoy collectible card games, but prefer combative play, opt for a more battle royale game instead.

Should you download it

Yes, and make sure you enjoy yourself.

Choosing the best app that gives you the vibe to use it without hesitation is important. The Hearthstone is such a kind of app by which you can easily get the service for the device you want. The Hearthstone for PC is an android app that supports all kinds of versions that are above the 5.0 and up and more. The last update time of this app was June 9, 2020 with the latest version of 17.4.49534.

This special app is developed by the and offered by Google Commerce Ltd. They put some amazing features on the Hearthstone only keeping the app size in 13M. The popularity is in the top that people installed it for 10,000,000+ times by giving this app 4 star. After considering all the facts people give this app 1,697,313 total.


  • Downloading Process of Hearthstone on your PC with the help of an emulator software
  • How to Download & Install Hearthstone for Mac

Specification Table of the Hearthstone for your PC

One thing is sure that, if you have the android version which is above the 5.0 and up then you can use this Hearthstone on your PC offered by Google Commerce Ltd. If you wish to install the Hearthstone for windows or mac devices you can use the emulator software and easily use it to your device. Let’s have a look at the specification first.

App Specification
Apps Name:Hearthstone For Pc & Mac & Windows
Apps Author Name:Google Commerce Ltd
Apps Current Version:17.4.49534
Apps License:Free
Apps Categories:Card
Apps Supporting Operating Systems:Windows,7,8,10 & Mac
Apps File size:13M
Apps OS Type:(32 Bit, 64 Bit)
Apps Languages:Multiple languages
Apps File size:13M
Apps Installs:10,000,000+
Apps Requires Android:5.0 and up
Apps Total Rating:1,697,313 total
Developer Apps Website:
Last Latest Updated:June 9, 2020

Downloading Process of Hearthstone on your PC with the help of an emulator software

Normally when we want to install an app likeHearthstone on our android device, we just go to the play store and install the app from the store. But, if you want to install the Hearthstone on your windows, you have to use an emulator software. Because an emulator software can make the android app likeHearthstone is capable to install on your PC windows 10.

Among the most approvable emulator software’s here we choose Bluestacks, Nox Player, and MEmu software for setting up the Hearthstone current version 17.4.49534. You can use or follow any of the processes from these three software to get Hearthstone on your windows or Mac devices.

Use Bluestacks Software to Install Hearthstone on PC

Bluestacks is one of the authentic and powerful software in the emulator industry for installing the android app likeHearthstone . With this emulator, if you have the strongest configuration on your device, the installation process of the Hearthstone will be very simple. The process is written below.

Step 01: For setting the Hearthstone on your PC, first, download the Bluestacks software.

Step 02: And for this process, Open the browser from your computer and go to the website of the Bluestacks so that you can install Hearthstone

Step 03: When the Bluestacks download process is finished, install this emulator software on your device to get the latest version of the Hearthstone

Step 04: After the installation process of the Bluestacks software, complete the sign-up process.

Step 05: Now, go to the main page of the Bluestacks and write the Hearthstone on the search bar to get the 17.4.49534 of the Hearthstone

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Step 06: The result of searching the Hearthstone will be shown on your screen and you can select the Hearthstone from the list.

Step 07: Press the install button of the Hearthstone that is Google Commerce Ltd and wait until the Hearthstone completes the installation process.

Step 08:After installing the Bluestacks and the Hearthstone on your PC, now you can run the Hearthstone .

If your device is using the virtual machine to set up the android app likeHearthstone you don’t need to use the Bluestacks software. But, if that software is not available, then follow this Bluestacks installation process to get the Hearthstone for your PC windows 10.

Use Nox Player Software to get Hearthstone on your PC

Mac Launcher For Windows Download

If your device is unable to support the Bluestacks software you can use the Nox Player to get the Hearthstone on your device. The process is so simple. The Hearthstone that has 4 by the customer can easily be installed by the Nox Player emulator software. Follow the below guidelines to set up the Hearthstone for your PC windows 10.

  1. To get the Hearthstone on your PC with Nox Player emulator software first download it.
  2. Then, go to your PC and install the Nox Player emulator software.
  3. Later, open the Nox Player by using your email ID to sign up.
  4. Now, come to the installation part of the Hearthstone with Nox Player.
  5. Open the Nox Player and search for the Hearthstone from the Nox Player search bar.
  6. The software will show you the 17.4.49534 of Hearthstone developed by
  7. Install the Hearthstone and wait for some time.
  8. The Hearthstone will completely be installed on your device and you can run the Hearthstone on your PC.

If your device already has Microsoft virtual PC, then you don’t need to use the Nox Player for theHearthstone But, if you don’t have any virtual machine then you can follow the Nox Player installation process to get Hearthstone for windows powered by Google Commerce Ltd.

Use MEmu emulator software to get Hearthstone on your PC

MEmu is another emulator software that helps to install all android apps such as Hearthstone with 4 on your Windows or Mac device. You can install the Hearthstone that is holding 1,697,313 total according to the users with this emulator software. This will help you to easily install the Hearthstone on your PC. The process is given below that you can follow.

  • At first, to install the Hearthstone on your PC, open the website to download the MEmu emulator software on your PC.
  • Then, install the emulator software MEmu and sign up by using your email Id and password.
  • When this emulator software installation is done, now you can install the Hearthstone on your PC.
  • To get the June 9, 2020 of Hearthstone go to the main page of MEmu software.
  • Select the Hearthstone and tap the button to install on your PC or Windows device.
  • The size of the Hearthstone is only 13M , so the installation process will not take time.
  • After a while, you will get the Hearthstone offered by Google Commerce Ltd that holds almost 4 star.

If your PC is already developing the Oracle and Virtualbox on the device for an android app likeHearthstone then you don’t have to use the MEmu emulator software. But, if you don’t have any of this software, then you can use the MEmu emulator installation process to set the Hearthstone on PC.

How to Download & Install Hearthstone for Mac

If you are using the Mac device and worried about installing the android app Hearthstone on your Mac device you can use an emulator software. Here we use Bluestacks, MEmu, or Nox Player software for your easy understanding.

You can choose any of the emulator software and ensure the installation process of Hearthstone that is holding the 1,697,313 total based on the customer review. So when you want to use any android app like Hearthstone on your Mac device you can just use an emulator software and install the Hearthstone for Mac.

Hearthstone Free Download


The Hearthstone is installed by the users for the 10,000,000+ time on their device. So, here are some frequently asked popular questions that you may find useful.

How can I install Hearthstone on PC?

By using an emulator software like Nox Player or Bluestacks on your PC, you can simply install the Hearthstone with the updated version.

Is the Hearthstone is free for PC or Mac devices?

Yes, the top-rated Hearthstone with 4 is completely free to use on your PC or Mac device.

Is the Hearthstone risky to use on PC?

No, the Hearthstone is developed by that provides the best app for the user. So, this app is not risky at all to use on PC.

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Is the Hearthstone needs lots of space to install?

The size of the Hearthstone is only 13M. To install the Hearthstone you only need a little bit of space like 13M on your device. So, you can freely install the Hearthstone swiftly.

Can the Hearthstone support all android devices?

Hearthstone App Download

If your device is above the 5.0 and up then you can easily install the Hearthstone on your device. Also, you can install the emulator software for installing the Hearthstone on PC.

Last Word

Not all the android apps are suitable for your windows PC. So, if you want to use the Hearthstone for PC with 17.4.49534 on your windows or Mac device, an emulator software will help you with that. You can install the emulator software at first on your device and then install the Hearthstone easily that has this USK: All ages with a recommendation. Also this Hearthstone is Google Commerce Ltd with this much 10,000,000+ number.

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