Imagine that you are the last of your kind, you have been bred for combat, built for war and you master any kind of weapon, pilot any vehicle and fear no enemy. That's the way you'll feel playing Halo.
Halo is a successful game that will hook you. It's more than a classic shooter. The story behind Halo will catch you and will make you fight and battle for hours.
Aliens have tried to conquer the Earth and the rest of the interstellar empire, but you and other surviving defenders of a devastated colony-world make a desperate attempt to lure the alien fleet away from Earth. You'll take advantage of a vast range of weapons and vehicles, you'll be able to fire enemies while your colleague drives the vehicle or pilot the spaceship.
You'll find yourself in the middle of a futuristic battle in a ring shaped world full of battles to finish. Halo was so successful in XBOX that they decided to release Halo for PC and now you can play it while we wait for Halo 3 for PC.
Powerful weapons and vehicles are waiting for you in this Science-Fiction story filled up with a lot of action and a really good story.

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The demo version includes the first level and online multiplayer game mode.

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Halo wars free download - Halo Update, Dome Wars (non-networked), Dome Wars (networked version), and many more programs. Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi shooter and the game that started the Halo franchise. The game was first launched on November 15, 2001 for Xbox, and later on, in 2003, for Mac. Unfortunately, the binaries are compatible only with PowerPC Macs, and as a result, you will be able to play Halo only on OS X builds.

Halo Wars 2 for ios is an real-time strategy RTS video game developed by 343 industrials. Creative assembly The game is set in the science fiction universe of the Halo series in the year 2559, and is a sequel to the 2009 video game.Halo wars The game sees the return of the human crew aboard the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire and introduces a new alien faction known as the Banished.