Back in November, my family and I spent a day in Disney. I have learned over the years that while I may get some good pictures on my own with my own camera while touring Walt Disney World, I have gotten some GREAT pictures in the parks from the Disney photographers through Photopass.

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If you’ve never taken advantage of the Disney photographers, you are missing out! They are stationed all over the four theme parks and usually near some of the most picturesque and iconic parts of the parks. Through the “magic” of Disney, an ordinary family shot in front of the castle will turn in to something much more!

Disney Photopass Photos

The best way to utilize Disney’s Photopass is to find the very first Disney photographer that you come to and get your picture taken. After they are done, they will hand you a card which is essentially the size of a credit card. You give that card to every photographer you see, in all four parks, for the length of your stay. When you get home, you log on to the Photopass website ( and enter in the code on your card and then you can view your photos!

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Canon pixma e470 driver free download mac. Another great tool of Photopass is that you can edit and enhance your photos with borders and special effects at no extra cost! But speaking of cost, while it is free to get your picture taken, getting the actual picture printed is not free. Most pictures cost $14.95 for a 5×7 and $19.95 for an 8×10. There are other combinations to choose from but that is the general price range.

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While there are a lot of options that go with utilizing Disney’s Photopass, something that is relatively new and, in my opinion, something that will let me use Photopass more is the addition of the digital download. The Photopass website describes it like this: “Don’t want to wait for your PhotoPrint to arrive in the mail? Disney’s PhotoDownloads allow you to receive your Disney memories almost instantly! Each Disney’s PhotoDownload includes a high-resolution .jpeg file of the selected image, as well as a copyright release document. Your image will also contain any edits you made including crops or the addition of Disney artwork.”

Disney Photopass Download

In the past, you would log on to your Photopass account, look at your pictures, choose the ones that you want and pay per print. Well, if you like fourteen different pictures at $14.95 each you are spending way too much money on pictures! But with the digital download, you can choose your prints and while you are still paying up to $14.95 per download (they do offer discount codes frequently), you are getting the photo release for the picture along with your download and now you can make as many copies of each picture that you want!

On our last trip, I had three pictures that I was truly thrilled with. We only had one day in the Magic Kingdom so there weren’t many to choose from but still, three of them were great. With the option of the digital download and the discount code they were offering for $8.95 per download, I received the files and the release for those poses and made my holiday cards out of them!

So if you’ve never taken advantage of the Disney photographers or Photopass, check it out on your next trip. Digital downloads can now get your photos to you faster and less expensively than in the past. To me, that is a win/win situation!


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