Dec 19, 2017.

Download DeSmuME - freeware Nintendo DS emulator by YopYop156.

Some time has passed since the latest release of the DeSmuME, but the development has not stopped. With this new release comes brand new Cocoa frontend designed to make playing more pleasant for Mac OSX users. Also a number of important bug fixes have been implemented. Compatibility has risen once more. Win32 nosse2 binary for Windows has had an updated and the OSX version is now compatible with Mountain Lion - both sound and video should work now.

NDeSmuME Version 0.9.11 (x64) 64-bit for Windows 10, Vista and Windows 7

NDeSmuME Version 0.9.11 (x86) 32-bit for Older PCs with Windows 10 32-bit Version, Windows 7 and WinXP

If you do not have Visual C++ 2010 Runtime installed on your Windows PC you will need to run this installer before installing DeSmuME as it depends on the DLLs from the Visual C++. Download BizHawk C++ Installer
BizHawk supports operating systems as old as Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.
.Net Framework v4.6.1
Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Runtime (x64)
Visual C++ 2013 Runtime (x64)
Visual C++ 2015 Runtime (x64)
DirectX Web Update (DirectX 9 is employed)

NDeSmuME 0.9.11 Mac (x86, x86-64, PowerPC) Latest DS emulator binaries for Apple Macintosh.

NDeSmuME OSX 0.9.8 mac.dmg file for OSX (now works on Mountin Lion)

NDeSmuME Version 0.9.6 for WinXP, Vista and Win7 and Windows 8

DeSmuME Version 0.9.6 focuses mainly on the DS rom emulation bug fixes and new features for fans of freeware homebrew games and apps as well as game developers. Most regular users will certainly find that the NDS-ROM support has increased significantly and Pokemon games like Pokemon Black and White runs at full speed with DeSmuME and no Action Replay hacks or cheats are needed. There are fewer crashes and gameplay improved significantly in the emulator. Prior to switching to the latest version of the emulator, make sure you save all the significant savestates of your games, because there could be some incompatibility between the game save files. So please backup your DFV files.

Desmume Nyud Net Download Mac Download

NDeSmuME Version 0.9.4 for Apple Mac OSX

Apple Mac OS X - gtk, Glade air and GTK interface users - DeSmuME DS emulator has introduced some small changes, as we have moved the location for all the configuration files and save state / game save files to ~/.config/desmume . Files such as. Desmume.ini will move automatically to the new directory, but you must manually copy DeSmuME game save files om Mac OSX.

NDeSmuME Version 0.9.4 for Windows XP, Vista, Win7

Indesign cs3 download for mac. * Added New save autodetection and save file format and full rerecording support
mic input fixed - was nearly useless before
Action Replay code parser has been added, more robust cheats engine and dialog
More reliable and useful frameskipping
texcoordgen mode 3; fixes some ortho sprites and some entirely broken games
alternate flush mode HACK 3d config toggle, fixes some entirely broken 3d games
added missing autohold for L and R
hook the fake noise mic; use m to toggle

NDeSmuME Version 0.4.0- Corrected bug in the 3D, menu, improved the speed of execution.
DeSmuME Version 0.3.6
- Added one key in order to play with some rom, Improved emulation speed (little 3 or 4 frame), Improved the compatibility with the roms.
DeSmuME Version 0.3.4
- New Unofficial Build by Normmatt!
(Version 0.3.4 - 04/24/2006) - adds save state and preliminary SRAM save support
German NDeSmuME 0.4.0 - thanks for translating it Akxiv.
DeSmuME Version 0.3.3- latest stable version.
ENGLISH Version 0.3.3- thanks for translating it Vinnymac.
German Version 0.3.3- thanks for translating it Akxiv.

Desmume nyud net download mac download

DeSmuME Version 0.3.0 English
DeSmuME Version 0.3.0 German
DeSmuME Version 0.0.3 English
Latest stable source code - for programmers.

DeSmuME is also known as YopYop DS is written in C++ for Microsoft Windows and can play Nintendo DS homebrew and commercial nds roms you can download from the internet.


The name DeSmuME derives from the popular use of ME in Nintendo DS products by homebrew developers. So DeSmuME would equal DSemuMe. Other popular uses of ME include:
LoadMe - a generic patcher for commercial DS roms that works with any GBA Flash Card,
PassMe - 'mod-chip' using which takes authentication from an original DS card an allows execution of unauthenticated DS rom code from the GBA cartridge slot / GBA flash card.
FlashMe - a hacked firmware for DS that allows you to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot.
WifiMe - is a set of a custom drivers and software by FireFly for RALink based wireless network cards enabling to boot homebrew code on DS via Nintendo Wireless Multiboot method version 0.9.9 and version 1.0.0.b is getting closer to release.

The emulator its self is in French with user translations to English and other languages. Even if you download the French version of DeSmuME - it is easy to navigate through menus as it has a similar users interface to DSemu. It supports many homebrew nds rom demoes as well as a handful of Wireless Multiboot demo nds roms. DeSmuME is also able to emulate some of the commercial nds rom titles which other DS Emulators like iDeaS and Dualis aren't capable of doing so.