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  • Democracy 3 v1.30.2 MacOSX Free Download. Have you ever wanted to become president? We are convinced that you could work better in governing the country? Let’s face it, you can hardly do worse than our current political leaders. Crime, unemployment, public debt, terrorism, climate change.
  • Aug 06, 2016.
Democracy is BACK! Democracy 4 is currently available in an alpha build to people who want to pre-order. We have taken our time (too much time!) to really give the political strategy game an update worthy of the wait. We have a totally revamped user-interface, tons of new policies, situations and events, new graphics, a far richer and more complex simulation, and incorporated tons of 2020-style political messaging into our game :D. Democracy 4 lets you take the role of President / Prime minister, govern the country (choosing its policies, laws and other actions), and both transform the country as you see fit, while trying to retain enough popularity to get re-elected..
Here is some of the new stuff in the latest version of Democracy!
Completely revamped user-interface, using crisp vector graphics! Icons resize on the main screen to show popularity / finances / influence or values. Policy areas resize dynamically. New screens show voter finances in-depth and tons more improvements to the UI
New policies to implement including Anti-Corruption Agency, Body Cameras, Border-wall, Helicopter-Money, Quantitative Easing, Carbon Capture, Capital Controls, Congestion-Charging, Prison-Regimes, Tear-Gas, Rubber Bullets, Gender-Transition and a ton of content that used to be in the DLC packs for Democracy 3.
Completely new events. Almost every event in the game has been replaced with new, sometimes more topical ones, including Cryptocurrency Crash, Coastal Oil Spill, Virus Outbreak, High-rise Blaze, Cyber-Attack, Football Team Defection, Female Leader, Gay Leader, School Shooting, Social Media Stupidity, Quantum Computing Breakthrough and lots more
New mechanics including..Coalition government and third-parties, allow for more accurate modelling of different countries. Emergency Powers give you more political capital in a crisis! Dilemmas can have 3 or more choices and display the outcomes once selected. Media reports give feedback on what the public thinks, and Donors and Ministers make specific political demands in exchange for their support!
An overhaul of the simulation allows us to model and track things in greater detail, providing a much more nuanced and sophisticated simulation of the thousands of virtual voters that make up the electorate.
We recommend checking out our developer blogs on YouTube to see how the game looks in motion, but here are a bunch of recent screenshots of the game showing how it looks. Click to enlarge :D
During the games development we are publishing regular video blogs showing how progress is coming along. Here are the latest few:
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We've changed our mind, after having spent some time in Democracy 3 we decided that it had to be our next free download, despite it looking pretty hard to get into, because once you get the hang of things the fun is infinite!
And even though you might not be the person who likes having to deal constantly with statistics, flowcharts and overly complex interfaces, after the first match everything will look so simple that you'll dive into the next one without hesitation, that's guaranteed! In fact, Democracy 3 can be described as the most advanced strategical game who treats real problems of real countries. After all, haven't you always wanted to be the prime minister of your country?

Democracy 3 Free Download Mac Full Version 2020

Taking decisions is quite hard, because the entire population is divided into faction, and whether a few might like the fact that you've increased the taxes (I wonder who, really) the poor and mid-earners will start a revolution. Crime level needs to be kept under control, and what's better than increasing the number of armed policemen? Perhaps something should, but in either case, this way does work just fine!

Democracy 3

But I can understand that reading about such a complex game can be disorientating, so, just scroll down till our free download. It's less than 150MB, you should have it in less than 5 minutes!

Democracy 3 Free Download Mac 2020