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Hi all, Please feel free to download BIAS FX 2 v2.1.5.4795 Beta below, Changes In this Beta. Fixed 'v2.1.4 crashes on Mac/Win' Fixed 'Failed to read custom folder in.

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Support told me they were aware of this issue: the interface of Bias FX 2 becomes unusably slow, any attempt to click on something or move a control results in the spinning ball for up to 10 seconds, so it's impossible to actually dial a correct setting in. Support suggested renaming the Documents/BIASFX_2 folder. This forces it to build a new clean folder. Of course the drawback is you lose all your presets, and as soon as you re-save one, or download from Tonecloud, the issue returns anyway.

I'm aware that this doesn't affect all Mac users, but although PG are aware of this issue they haven't haven't specified which Macs/OS versions it affects.

This update is recommended for all Mac Pro (Mid 2010) models and addresses the following issues:. Resolves an issue that prevented the Boot Picker from being presented if Ethernet is connected to a network without DHCPTo complete the firmware update, wait for your Mac Pro to finish installing and shutdown. Hold down the power button until the power indicator light flashes, or you hear a long tone, then release the power button. A gray screen with an Apple logo and progress bar will appear while the update is taking place. Resolves an issue that prevented the firmware password prompt from being displayed. Efi studio download for mac.

After confirming that the only way to solve it was to constantly discard your presets and never use Tonecloud, they have closed the support ticket and are ignoring requests for help.

Bias Fx 2 Free Download

Does anyone know of a workaround? Failing that does anyone know where the Guitar Match data is stored?
It's somewhere in the BIASFX_2 folder as it's lost with everything else using PGs solution. Matching even 1 guitar is quite a time-consuming process, and doing this every day is not half the fun it sounds.

Download red shelf to mac. Download only recent attachments.

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Bias Fx 2 Mac Download

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Thanks fot any suggestions.