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Aug 05, 2020.

Microsoft Azure Data Studio is a free, cross-platform tool that can be used to manage SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Azure Data Studio was formerly called SQL Operations Studio (while it was in preview release), and it was renamed to Azure Data Studio once it was moved to general availability (GA) on September 24, 2018.

Azure Data Studio uses a graphical user interface (GUI), so you can point and click your way around the interface. That said, Azure Data Studio is a lightweight tool, so not everything can be done using point and click. However, you can always point and click your way to the query editor, where you can run SQL queries for almost anything you need to do.

Azure Data Studio is available for the macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

What can I do with Azure Data Studio?

Azure Data Studio lets you do stuff like:

  • Create databases and manage them
  • Browse database objects (such as databases, views, etc)
  • Execute SQL queries
  • View and save results as text, JSON, XML, or Excel
  • Edit data directly within a cell
  • Organize and manage database connections
  • Backup and restore databases

Features of Azure Data Studio

Some of the features of Azure Data Studio include:

  • Multiple tab windows
  • Rich SQL editor
  • IntelliSense
  • Keyword completion
  • Code snippets and code navigation
  • Source control integration (Git and TFS)
  • Integrated terminal. You can run command line tools such as Bash, PowerShell, sqlcmd, bcp, ssh, etc right from within the SQLOPS interface.
  • Extensibility and extension authoring.

Why use Azure Data Studio?

There are many options for managing SQL Server, so you might be wondering why anyone would want to use Azure Data Studio. After all, there are command line tools like mssql-cli, sql-cli, and sqlcmd. And there are GUIs like SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).


In particular, SSMS has traditionally been a popular option, mainly because it was once included as an option during the SQL Server installation process. However, SSMS is now provided as a separate installation to SQL Server, so either way, if you want a GUI, you need to download and install it separately to your SQL Server installation.

One reason you might not use SSMS is that it’s a Windows application, so it’s not even an option if you’re running Linux or macOS. Also, SSMS is a a more full-blown management tool, which may be overkill, depending on your needs.

Azure Data Studio on the other hand, is a lightweight tool that can get you up and running quickly with SQL Server. And if you’re a database developer, it could be all you need (depending on how much DB admin work you need to do, if any).

One major benefit that Azure Data Studio has over SSMS is that it can run on Linux and macOS. So if you’re running Linux or Mac, definitely give Azure Data Studio a try.

Try Azure Data Studio

I’ve written a tutorial on how to install Azure Data Studio on a Mac and open a connection to SQL Server. Basically, installing Azure Data Studio is just as easy as installing any other software, so even if you use Linux or Windows, you should be able to work it out.

I’ve also written a quick tutorial on creating a database with Azure Data Studio, and how to restore a database with Azure Data Studio on a Mac in case you need it.

Download Azure Data Studio

Here’s the download page for Azure Data Studio.

And here’s the Azure Data Studio Github page.

How to install Microsoft Azure Data Studio so you can manage SQL Server straight from your Mac!

Microsoft Azure Data Studio (formerly called SQL Operations Studio) is a lightweight management tool for managing SQL Server. Azure Data Studio is free, and it's available for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Movie download sites for mac.

Azure Data Studio Download Mac Download

Here are instructions for installing it on a Mac. I also demonstrate how to connect to SQL Server once you've installed it.

  1. Download Azure Data Studio

    Go to the Azure Data Studio download page and click the .zip file for macOS (there are also options for Windows and Linux if you need them).

  2. Install Azure Data Studio

    Once the .zip file has downloaded, double-click it to expand its contents. Then drag the .app file to your Application folder (it will probably be called Azure Data Studio.app).

  3. Launch Azure Data Studio

    Launch Azure Data Studio (by clicking on its icon in your Launchpad or the Applications folder).

  4. Connect to SQL Server

    Enter the SQL Server connection details.

    Here are the details I used on the SQL Server installation tutorial:

    • Server Name: localhost
    • Authentication Type: SQL Login
    • User name: sa
    • Password: myPassw0rd
    • Database Name: <default>
    • Server Group: <default>

You've now connected to SQL Server with Azure Data Studio. Once logged in, the Server Dashboard is displayed:

Connection Error?

If you're trying to connect to SQL Server on your Mac, make sure your Mac has Docker running and you've started the SQL Server Docker container. Free version of sketchup 2017.

Here's how:

Azure Ml Service

  1. Open Docker just as you would open any other application (via the Launchpad, Applications folder, etc).
  2. Once Docker is running, open your Terminal and start the Docker container. It should look something like this:

Sql Database Studio

This starts a previously stopped container called Homer. You'll need to modify this command to suit your own container's name.