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Anno domini free download - Anno Domini 2004, Anno Domini 1257 Patch, Anno 1602, and many more programs. Anno Domini 1257 Provides Examples Of. Alternate History: Since it's a history-set wide-open strategy game, the story will quickly becomes ahistorical thanks to AI's random decisions and the player's own actions.For instance, an unification of Spain or Italy centuries before the real one, a reconquest of its former territories by the remains of the Byzantine Empire, etc. Can be done by a. Serious sam 1 download mac os. Anno Domini is a mod which is aiming toward a realistic gameplay and its many new features will give you a completely different game experience than vanilla. Anno Domini Mod is aimed to the strategical player who also love to have a campaign the most historically correct possible.

Anno Domini 1257 Mac Download Free


Anno Domini Records

This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.
This installer does not include music, music is here
If you have a comment/question go to the mod's forum. I will not read comments posted here, sorry.
Available factions:
1. Kingdom of France
2. Kingdom of England
3. Kingdom of Scotland
4. Gaelic Kingdoms
5. Holy Roman Empire
6. Kingdom of Hungary
7. Duchies of Poland
8. Kingdom of Denmark
9. Kingdom of Norway
10. Kingdom of Sweden
11. The monastic state of Teutonic Knights
12. Lithuania
13. The Mongol Empire
14. The Republic of Novogorod
15. Kingdom of Halych and Volhynia
16. Kingdom of Portugal
17. Kingdom of Aragon
18. Kingdom of Navarra
19. Crown of Castile
20. Emirate of Granada
21. Papal States
22. Roman Empire of Nicaea
23. Crusader States (Cyprus, Antioch, Kingdom of Jerusalem etc)
24. Kingdom of Sicily
25. Mamluk Sultanate
26. The Latin Empire
27. Ilkhanate
28. Hafsid Dynasty
The mod is currently compatible with Warband 1.126 single player, and it is to be considered in alpha stage. Bug reports and suggestions are welcome!
- historically correct map with accurate trade routes
- historically accurate persons
- historically accurate castles
- realistic and engaging combat
- AI and player armies that reflect the reality of 13th century, no top tier troop armies, peasants and low trained troops are your basic soldiers. For the AI this is implemented through how they recruit soldiers, for the player upkeep help to enforce this rule.
- knight/nobility armour is unique. Each knight has a unique costume with a matching barded horse, each lord has a historically accurate coat of arms which is displayed on his equipment (wherever historical information has been found)
- visually pleasing environment
Would you like to help?
I could use help with the following:
- historical research
- textures
- models
- suggestions
Help us make it a great mod!
For the changelog and more information visit the mod's official forum, thanks.