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Reading is probably one of the best and an effective way to learn a new skill. When there’s so much to read and learn yet so less time to do it, being a quick reader sure does help! There are numerous ways which can certainly help you to increase your reading speed. You can use a stopwatch to record your reading time and improvise with more and more practice, you can shorten the reading sessions to boost the recitation rates, avoid reading filler words or ultimately can take help of on an online software for effective results.

While everyone’s looking to increase their reading speed,it’s no wonder that the market is awash with Best Speed Reading Software to help people learn and improve reading speed and comprehension in much lesser time.

So, here are ten of the best speed reading comprehension software you can use on your PC, Mac, Android or tablet.

Top 10 Best & Fast Reading Software

Here’s a rundown to the best speed reading software available in the market. Continue reading and choose the ideal one for you!

Free Speed Test For Mac

1. AceReader

AceReader is one of the leading solutions in the category of Best Speed Reading Software to improve reading speed of users. This reading comprehension software is very sophisticated yet fun, and very simple to use. Loaded with a large amount of educational content and more than 1,000 themed reading speed tests. It contains several training modules that not only improve your knowledge but also increase reading speed and comprehension. It’s desktop version, the ‘classic edition’ is available for $69.95.

• More than 200 speed reading exercises.
• Well-structured interface.
• Built in 625 eBooks.
• Includes a plethora of fun brain games, which makes it the best choice for kids and adults alike.

• Premium version is too expensive.
• Extra add-ons have to be purchased.

This fast reading software is best suited for schools, colleges, and universities. You can also purchase its cloud-based ‘personal edition’ starting at $39.99 per year.

2. 7 Speed Reading

7 Speed Reading is an excellent reading comprehension software. It’s a complete package of both basic and advanced courses. In fact, it understands that every person has a different learning style, hence it proffers seven diverse learning strategies to make users faster readers. The software is cloud-based and allows one license to set up 5 different users accounts along with unlimited installs.

• Beautiful and easy-to-use.
• Offers step-by-step training guide.
• Claims to offer guaranteed results.
• Library has over 20,477 free eBooks.
• Compatible with Web (Chrome), Windows, Mac & Linux.

• One of the most expensive reading comprehension software in the market.
• Access automatically expires after 10 years.

Just use this reading comprehension software for only seven minutes a day and that’s it! Triple your reading speed and improve comprehension in a very short span of time.

3. ReadMe!

ReadMe! is one of the most popular names that allows you to store and manage all your favorite eBooks across your Android and iOS device. But you must be wondering that why an eBook manager is holding a place in the list of the Best Speed Reading Software. Because of the two incredible speed reading tools, it is integrated with, BeeLine Reader and Spritz. BeeLine uses a color-coded approach by placing the color gradient to each line of text that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line, making reading faster. Spritz tool allows you to read one word at a time at a certain WPM rate, and helps you read 1,000 words in a minute.

• Suitable for all age groups.
• Available for both iOS & Android users.

• The interface is quite stuffed.

This is an incredible tool if you are aiming for increasing your reading speed only.

4. eyeQ

Vim mac command line download. When it comes to eyes training and improving focus points during reading, eyeQ is one of the best speed reading software to choose. The software is simply a bundle of mental comprehension & retention exercises and the courses are specifically designed to assist students with test preparations. It’s available for free trial (for a month) allowing users to test if it has improved the speed reading or not. As it comes with a unique reporting tool to track improvements from the beginning, the tracking charts show actual refinements. After that, people can opt for a monthly payment plan.

• Allows you to monitor progress.
• Integrated with lots of games and brain drill exercises.
• Ideal tool for college students.

• Can be improvised in terms of eBooks and exercise activities.

eyeQ is an ultimate solution to improve reading speed and comprehension at a reasonable pricing.

5. Reedy

Reedy is an advanced book and web-page reader available for Android and Chrome web browser. It works on RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) technique that allows users to read fast and comfortably. Words are showed simultaneously to increase the speed perception of each word. It claims to increase reading speed in 1.5 – 2 times straight away. The software comes with three reading modes: Regular, Speed Reading and Text-to-speech voice reading. You can easily switch to any mode for your learning. Best of all? You can adjust the speed of reading, anytime you think you’re ready to read at a faster rate speed up!

• Compatible with English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian.
• Easy import of eBooks, files and other web links for reading.
• Screen locking.
• Easy navigation through the sentences and paragraphs.

• Available for only Android and web version (Chrome).

This reading comprehension software is much more than just text, it displays a lot of tables and images which definitely gives it an edge of other reading apps.

6. Spreeder

Spreeder is another top-notch fast reading software that offers a huge amount of content for its users. The software is clubbed with various features including, a cloud library, improvement tracker, multi-users access, access to social profiles, and numerous eBook formats compatibility. What makes it stand out from other speed reading software is its Social Profiles feature which lets users create social handles to track their own and their friend’s reading improvement progress.

• Beautiful and powerful interface.
• Effortless importing option to add 46 different types of files and eBooks.
• Allows access for up to 5 users at no additional cost.

• Poor customer support.
• Lacks reading speed tests.

If you are someone who has bad reading habits such as subvocalization, single word fixation or losing the reading place, then Spreeder is the best choice to improve reading speed and comprehension skills dramatically.

7. REV IT UP Reading

It all takes just five-hours to increase reading speed and comprehension skills with Rev It Up Reading tool. The software is an ideal tool for people who wish for a package, compounded with tutorials, improvement tracking features and personal support & guidance from a teacher. It consists 9 modules which assist students to read faster on paper and digital devices. It also provides a free PDF book that consists of the same principles as the course. It’s a good resource for users to keep their reading & comprehension skills polished.

• Easy and intuitive for the student to use.
• Personal support from teachers.
• Progress tracking feature.
• The only tool that combines both online & offline learning benefits.

• No reading speed tests.
• Only one-day free trial available.
• The course is quite expensive as compared to other speed reading software.

It comes with the five-hour course to guide users with advanced reading techniques and memorization skills.

8. Iris Reading

Iris Reading comprises several comprehensive courses and delivers in-person workshops too in schools of many US Cities and Abroad. It’s an ideal software for people who want to enhance their reading speed, productivity, memory, and focus. Iris Reading is one of the best speed reading software for individuals who wish to teach themselves to read more effectively. Unlike other software mentioned, Iris Reading also proffers local classes in major cities around the globe.

• Best suited for high school/ college students.
• Offers in-person and online classes.
• Fulfills different learning goals such as increase reading speed, improve memory & ability to retain a large amount of information.

• Slow Internet can pose issues in buffering videos.

Iris Reading is an incredible investment if you want your children to learn and improve reading speed and comprehension in very less duration.

9. The Reader’s Edge

Reader’s Edge is an ultimate package of very informative and effective speed reading exercises. And, what makes it stand out from other alternatives is that it comprises reading material & training modules for all ages. It offers a huge library of eBooks based on almost every genre and reading level. Its training modules are highly effective, it also incorporates several tricks and techniques to improve reading speed and comprehension.

• Extensive collection of eBooks and training modules.
• Clean and well-balanced interface.
• Designed for all groups.
• 200+ reading and comprehension tests.


• Limited user accounts are entertained.
• Little heavy software.

Best Part? Once you get started with the program, the first thing it asks you, is to take an evaluation test and based on that, it offers you the material that is suitable for your skill level.

10. RocketReader

RocketReader is a one-stop solution to increase reading speed and comprehension. Packed with all the essential tools and features, the software is suitable for every reading level. The software is equipped with advanced learning techniques to help you avoid bad reading habits such as slaving, subvocalization and skip back. It allows you to easily import any article from the web in just a single-click. Though it doesn’t come with pre-loaded eBooks, but it has a large database of reading pieces to practice faster reading skills.

• Excellent user experience.
• Can be accessed by multiple users.
• Well-structured library.

• Doesn’t come with eBooks.
• Expensive reading comprehension software.
• No games or brain drill exercises.
• Lacks reading speed tests.

ReadingBuddy will surely help you to achieve faster reading speeds with better comprehension.

Wrap Up: 10 Best Speed Reading Software

The only key to improve & increase reading speed and comprehension is to Practice, Practice, and More practice. Exercise daily for at least 20 minutes and see self-improvements in your reading & memorization skills.

Have you ever tried any of the speed reading software mentioned above? Do let us know your experience and learnings in the comment section below!

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